8 Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Scroll through home design websites and inspiration boards and you’ll likely see a lot of large, beautiful dining rooms. However, the reality is that many people don’t have ample dining space. If you’re in a smaller home or an apartment with limited space, you don’t need to throw your hope of elegant eating out the window. Choose one of these tables when space is at a premium.

Drop Leaf Table

If you like to occasionally entertain, opt for a drop-leaf table. To save space, keep the leaves folded down for everyday use, then simply extend them whenever you need to expand your table’s capacity. You’ll find these tables in circular, square, and rectangular shapes, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding one that suits your style.

Narrow Table and Benches

Long, narrow rooms can be tricky to work with because often the combo of table and chairs gets to be too overwhelming. If you’re dealing with this situation, don’t try and squeeze in seating where there’s just no room – ideally, you’d want to leave 36 inches between the table and the wall. If you’re tight on space, find a long, narrow rectangular table and then pair it with benches instead of chairs. Pull the benches out for eating, but when the meal is through push them all the way under the table to free up space along the sides.

Coffee Table

The coffee table isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re looking for dining tables for small spaces, but its versatility makes it a great contender for a unique dining area. Since the table sits low to the floor, the key is to dress up the seating arrangements. Get fancy throw pillows and floor cushions and use these as seats for your dining experience.

Small Round Table

A round table is always a good call if you’re trying to squeeze your table into a tight spot. Round tables offer the most wiggle-room in terms of seating, and they can often fit into a corner where a square table would be too overwhelming.

Square Table

A space-saving alternative to putting a round table in your dining area is to place a square table flush against the wall. This is ideal if you only need to seat a couple of people, and it frees up space since you don’t need to place chairs around all sides of the table.

Folding Table

A folding table is the ultimate in small-space dining – if you need more room, simply fold it up and tuck it against the wall when chow time is over. There are plenty of collapsible designs that are sturdy and stylish enough to serve as a regular eating area.

Murphy Table

You’ve heard of the Murphy bed, but how about the Murphy table? With smaller, minimalist living spaces becoming more of a reality, these tables are also catching on. The ultimate in space-saving designs, this table folds into the wall when it’s not in use.

Double-Duty Dining Area

One of the best hacks for living in a tight space is to find furniture or areas that can do double-duty. This could mean setting up a countertop or kitchen island as both a prep space and a dining area. With the addition of stools and placemats (which are easy to take on or off), you’ve instantly transformed a kitchen catchall into your dining table.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to dining tables for small spaces. If you need furniture for your dining area, kitchen, or any area of your home, look to CORT Furniture Rental. With furnishings for the whole house and a range of options, CORT makes it easy to find the dining table you need for any space.