Get Inspired: CORT’s Most Popular Dining Room Furniture of 2022

Whether you host big get-togethers, sit down in it every night with your family, or it’s currently overtime as a WFH desk station, it’s important to find dining room tables and seating options that complement your needs and style without totally eating up your footprint. Read on to learn more about 2022’s most popular dining room furniture for rent. 

Dining Chairs 

The right dining chair can add a chic touch to your space — whether your style is streamlined and modern, colorful and bohemian, or leans traditional. Add some flair to your space with our top rented dining chairs of 2022. 

Pro Tip: When selecting dining chairs, it’s important to consider your space. Because you can push them all the way in,  armless options are best for small spaces.  Add some flair to your space with our top rented dining chairs of 2022. 

The Radcliffe Chair: A Versatile Option Great for Small Spaces

The Radcliffe Chair is a great option for those looking to make the most of both space and style. Featuring ivory upholstery, nailhead detailing, and contrasting legs, the Radcliffe Chair proves a versatile and space-conscious piece. Due to its armless silhouette, the Radcliffe Chairs can be pushed in completely when not in use to allow for greater flow and movement throughout your dining space.

The Keagan Chair: Streamlined, Organic Appeal

The Keagan Chair provides an armless space-effective dining chair that offers both seating and style. This smart-looking dining chair option was extremely popular in 2022 due to its versatile gray color, organic lines, and mid-century feel. This design is at home in spaces both big and small and suits modern and contemporary spaces. 

The Pippa Chair: A Fresh Take on Traditional Dining Room Seating 

The Pippa Chair is a fresh take on traditional dining room seating. The black wood frame and a striped upholstered seat add a pop of pattern and interest to any dining space while complementing various decor styles. This style proved popular in 2022 thanks to its versatility, comfort, and small footprint. 

The Bixby Chair: Add a Splash of Color and Comfort  

The Bixby Chair was a popular choice in 2022 for those looking to add a pop of color, texture, and mid-century modern design to their home. Featuring a green microsuede seat, angled black legs, and a body-hugging design, you’re sure to find that the Bixby Chair adds flair to any dining space.

Dining Tables

Dining tables are the perfect place to gather around with family and friends over a delicious meal — or to set up an impromptu workstation for a Zoom meeting. Read on to learn more about 2022’s most-leased dining tables.

Pro Tip: Allow your dining table to sit center stage by placing it on top of an area rug. Don’t have much space? Tuck a square dining table for fur into a corner to create a space-saving dining nook perfect for two!

The Perth Square Dining Table: Understated Sophistication With a Small Footprint 

The Perth Square Dining Table was a popular choice for small spaces in 2022. With a fresh white frame and contrasting light grey top, this sleek and simple dining table brightens any space and meshes well with nearly any design style.

The Presidio Rectangle Dining Table: A Modern Choice With Ample Space to Entertain 

Need seating for six? The Presidio Rectangle Dining Table was a popular choice for larger dining areas, families, and those who love entertaining. You’ll have plenty of room to gather around this modern dining table option featuring sleek black hairpin legs and a versatile grey wood surface.

The Mackenzie Square  Dining Table: Eye-Catching Industrial Flair and Seating for Four 

The Mackenzie Square Dining Table was well-loved in 2022. This compact square dining table offers seating for four, plus a modern industrial appeal. The grainy walnut surface and contrasting frame featuring riveting details prove to be a surefire way to create a focal point without overwhelming your space. Pair the Mackenzie Dining table with four matching chairs, or opt to create your own look with another option for a curated effect. 

The Greyston Dining Table: An Adjustable Option Perfect for Entertaining 

In search of an adjustable option? In 2022, CORT customers opted for the versatile Grayston Dining Table. The Greyston dining table is constructed of beautiful neutral wood and can be expanded to seat up to 8 guests comfortably. Adorn the surface with a runner and decor to create a tablescape for the holidays, or adjust Greyston down to a smaller footprint for day-to-day use. 

Pro Tip: This piece doesn’t just provide versatility in terms of occupancy — pair Greytson with its matching dining chair or opt for another style to create a look all your own. 

Find Your Dining Room Style with CORT Furniture Rental

2022 may be done, but CORT’s timeless style is always ready for your home. Wherever life takes you in 2023, build your ideal home with our most popular pieces. Start designing your ideal dining room online now, or head into your local CORT Furniture Rental showroom to work with our team of experts.