So, your high school grad has decided they want to start college in the spring semester. It’s not your typical college kickoff, but every

Have you ever been invited to hang out at a friend’s off-campus apartment only to find no furniture to sit on? Or even worse, they have a sofa that is a little too “well-loved”? Wait, was that a bug?!


From all-nighters at your desk to movie marathons on the sofa with your roommates, you spend a considerable amount of time in your apartment. The right student furniture can make a massive difference in creating a comfortable and functional living space. Keep reading to learn more about the furniture pieces that will turn your apartment into a cozy home base for you and your roommates!

Tired of dorm living? Craving a taste of freedom? Try living off-campus with friends! The benefits are plentiful, including having greater control of your

Moving off campus is exciting — but are you sure you have everything you need for your apartment? Get prepared with this list of

Living with roommates can be a very fun experience for college students, but it can also be complicated. If it’s your first time sharing