A Guide on How to Deal with Moving Away From Family for the First Time

In the past, you may have thought about moving away from home as an exciting prospect — full of opportunities around every corner. However, as your move date approaches, you might be experiencing second thoughts or unwanted anxiety. The truth is, a lot of people feel nervous about moving out, especially when leaving the nest for the first time. The good news is, this guide will share a few tips for how to deal with moving away from family so you can give yourself the best possible experience.

How to deal with moving away for the first time

If you’re preparing to move out of your childhood home, but feel scared to move away from family, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. It’s a normal reaction to worry about what life will be like on your own. But, trust that there are steps you can take to limit your homesickness after moving, and enjoy all the potential this new season brings.

Simplify your move by renting furniture

As you embark on your first venture living alone, it’s possible you feel a little lost about how to get furniture into your new space. As a first-time renter, it may be easier — and more affordable — to rent furniture for your entire space rather than invest thousands of dollars into buying new from a big-box retailer. The additional benefit of renting furniture? CORT’s delivery team sets up the furniture FOR you, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours building furniture for your new place.

Make your new place feel like home

Decorating your new place exactly to your liking can make the anxiety and homesickness that goes hand-in-hand with a first move much more bearable. Brightly colored pillows and throws, rugs, and wall art can help lighten your mood, and string lights always offer a warm and welcoming glow — and inspire a few smiles.

For extra comfort and security, surround yourself with items from home like posters from your room, a snuggly blanket, your favorite books, and lots of family photos. A few flowering plants in a sunny window add a cheery touch. Plus, according to studies, flowers help ease anxiety and increase positive feelings.

Couple moving into a new place together

Explore your surroundings

Whether you’re moving somewhere you’ve visited several times or you’re relocating sight unseen, exploring your surroundings can ease your anxiety and help you adapt to your new environment. And, while getting acquainted with your new locale can look a lot of different ways, it’ll likely include checking out parks, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and wherever else boosts your odds of meeting new people around town. Speaking of making new friends…

Two women look through a telescope in the park overlooking the water

Create your “village”

When it comes to forming friendships in a new city, take a proactive approach. Find a few classmates you can grab lunch with or invite your favorite coworker to a weekday happy hour. From fitness and foreign languages to cooking and yoga, local classes offer plenty of opportunities for budding friendships. Don’t be afraid to initiate those interactions for yourself, so you can start to cultivate relationships with all the great people who are crossing your path!

Friends hanging out outside

Establish your own daily rhythms and routines

Moving out for the first time can leave us feeling off-balance, which is why establishing daily routines can be such a grounding practice. This could be something as simple as starting the day with a walk around the block or taking ten minutes to journal every night before you go to sleep. These habits might seem unassuming, but in reality, they can help you solidify a sense of place and purpose wherever you are.

Coffee table with decor on top and a chair in the background

Think positive thoughts 

If you’re wondering how to cope with moving away from family and friends, few things keep loneliness in check like the power of positive thinking. Instead of wondering why you moved, look at this experience as a way to become more independent and self-confident. Think of getting to know your new city as an exciting adventure and a way to make new, long-lasting friendships.

Stay connected to your loved ones

Making a point to call home is another excellent rhythm to get into. To get accustomed to living away from family, set up regular phone calls with your parents, video chat frequently with your siblings and BFFs, and make use of social media on a daily basis. Sometimes, just seeing a friendly face or hearing a familiar voice is all it takes to lift your spirits. Exchange plenty of emails and texts with friends and family, and make use of snail mail. Cards and letters from home feel almost as good as a warm hug.

Woman video chatting with parents

Let CORT make your move a breeze

Leaving home and blazing your own trail can feel a bit overwhelming. Creating a space you love can help kick those feelings to the curb. To avoid the hassle of moving furniture into your new apartment, look no further than CORT Furniture Rental for stylish and comfortable beds, tables, chairs, lamps, and more.

CORT can make your move a real breeze. Our crew delivers and sets up your furniture before you move in. We work with most apartment communities in the United States, so coordination is a breeze. When you’re done renting furniture, all you have to do is schedule a pick-up and our team will take care of moving out your furniture! 

Renting, especially as a first-time renter, can alleviate some of the pressures of moving. Plus, when you rent pieces (and avoid furniture ownership), you won’t be tied down to any place long-term. In other words, you can always take your adventures elsewhere, or return home whenever you desire!


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