To Those Who Are Afraid of Moving Away from Family for the First Time

All your life, you knew the day would come. You’re finally moving away from home for the first time. As much as you want to be independent, moving away from family and friends can be overwhelming. Fortunately, with a good strategy, you can keep your first-move fears at bay and get on with the business of enjoying your newfound freedom.

Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Decorating your new place exactly to your liking can make the anxiety and homesickness that goes hand-in-hand with a first move much more bearable. Brightly-colored pillows, throw rugs, and wall tapestries can help lighten your mood, and string lights always offer a warm and welcoming glow — and inspire a few smiles.

For extra comfort and security, surround yourself with items from home like posters from your room, a snuggly blanket, your favorite books, and lots of family photos. A few flowering plants in a sunny window add a cheery touch, and that’s not all. According to research from Kansas State University, flowers help ease anxiety and increase positive feelings.

Young woman looking at lighted photos on her bedroom wall

Explore Your New Community

When dealing with anxiety related to moving, Nicole Booz, Editor-in-Chief of GenTwenty, The Twenty-Something’s Guide to Life, recommends getting out and exploring your new town or city. Discovering local flea markets, parks, shops, and restaurants makes you more comfortable with your surroundings and boosts your chances for meeting new people. For even more adventure, check out movie theaters, coffeehouses, museums, galleries, and the local library.

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Establish a Daily Routine

Don’t let being scared to move out ruin what could be a wonderful experience. Create a sense of balance and order after a new move by getting into a daily routine. Start each day with a comforting caramel macchiato or a brisk morning run, and take it from there. Because you won’t have to worry about what to do next, creating a routine and sticking to it helps reduce stress after relocating to a new community.

A mug, a plate of muffins, and pillows with positive messages

Think Positive Thoughts

If you’re wondering how to cope with moving away from family and friends, few things keep loneliness in check like the power of positive thinking. Instead of wondering why you moved, look at this experience as a way to become more independent and self-confident. Think of getting to know your new city as an exciting adventure and a way to make new, long-lasting friendships.

Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones

In the early weeks after your move, it helps to stay extra-connected to your loved ones. To get accustomed to living away from family, set up regular phone calls with your parents, Skype frequently with your siblings and BFFs, and make use of social media on a daily basis. Sometimes, just seeing a friendly face or hearing a familiar voice is all it takes to lift your spirits. Exchange plenty of emails and texts with friends and family, and make use of snail mail. Cards and letters from home feel almost as good as a warm hug.

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Build a Social Network

When it comes to making friends in a new city, it helps to be proactive. Ask a coworker to join you for happy hour at the bar and grill down the street, or invite a fellow classmate to lunch. To expand your social network, Nicole Booz recommends joining intramural sports teams and book clubs and taking adult education courses. From fitness and foreign languages to cooking and yoga, local classes offer plenty of opportunities for budding friendships.

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Give Yourself Time

In your transition to adulthood, moving away from home is an important milestone. That’s why it’s essential to take your time with your first move. Plan carefully and get your family involved for a smoother, easier process. Booz suggests that instead of overwhelming yourself with a mountain of to-dos, you should rest, relax, and settle in gradually. It won’t take long to get comfortable with your new surroundings and feel right at home.

Moving away from family for the first time can be hard, but following these tips makes the transition easier. To avoid the hassle of moving furniture to your new home, turn to CORT Furniture Rental for stylish and comfortable beds, tables, chairs, lamps, and more — all delivered for your convenience.

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