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Written by: Toni Blake 2021 has been a unique year - can you believe we're only 4 months away from it being over?! It feels

Written by: Toni Blake Hi everyone, I'm back with another round of tips to help you on your next tour. If you read my last article,

By: Shad Bookout From collecting donations to raising awareness, nearly every apartment community will take part in some sort of corporate social responsibility effort this

Written by: Toni Blake As some of you may know, before becoming a public speaker, I was an apartment leasing agent. And when I held

Written by: Shad Bookout Apartment shoppers today are looking at more than what they will pay in rent each month. They are searching for what

By: Shad Bookout Think back to the last time you had to move. Was it a joy-filled experience in which everything went exactly as planned