The Language of Leasing: This is a Living Room

Written by: Toni Blake

Hi everyone, I’m back with another round of tips to help you on your next tour. If you read my last article, then you know that over my career, I’ve spent some time thinking about the words and phrases we’re all guilty of saying once we have a potential renter on-site and ready to tour. I laid out what I like to think of as the “Amazing Leazing ‘F’ Words” that can sometimes be a crutch or pitfall and now, I’d like to expand on this a bit more by looking at what we say when we’re on the tour – specifically inside of the empty apartment.

Let’s take a second and pause. Think about the last time you took a potential renter out on a tour, do you remember what you said while you showed them around the property? What did you say as you opened the door to their potential home or as you entered their living room? 

Now, I don’t expect you to say, “Yes, Toni, I remember every last detail!” But I’ll guess that you have a few bullet points tucked away in your mind that can answer any questions the renter may have while they look around. Let’s look at these bullets, are any of them some pretty obvious points like, “this is the living room?” or “Now, we’ll step into the kitchen where you’ll see it comes set up with a fridge, dishwasher, and stove?” These are such easy things to lean into while on a tour, they’re right in front of us, why not mention them! Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you, these little “nuggets of information” could be standing in the way of your goal – leasing the apartment.  

The next generation of renters doesn’t have time to have the obvious pointed out to them. You’re the expert. What they do need your help with is picturing how to turn your space into their next home. Sell them on the apartment from the inside – think square footage and ask, “what kind of furniture do you have? The living room can comfortably hold a sofa that seats 3 and 2 small chairs if you would like to entertain.” This now allows the renter to start picturing themselves in the space and make a connection.

My biggest recommendation, as you start making this subtle change in how you tour, is to practice your speech as much as possible. Get comfortable with this new way of presenting and ask yourself, “How would I feel if I was the one touring and I was presented with this information in this way? Am I satisfied or do I have more questions that the property down the street may be able to answer better?”

Practice. Practice. Practice and the results will come. 

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