Active adult communities have grown in popularity in recent years as healthcare has improved and life expectancies have increased. But what is an active

Apartment hunting can be tricky and to make matters a bit more difficult, not every city is the same. If you’re planning a move to a major metro area like San Francisco, New York, or Chicago, you may be wondering, ‘do I need a realtor to find an apartment?’ And in most cases, yes, you will need one. But what about other locations across the U.S.? You’ll be surprised to learn that no matter where you’re choosing to go, hiring a realtor help you find a home can take much of the stress and time out of apartment hunting. Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring a realtor and more.

In the age of Work from Home and Digital Nomadism, it's almost more important than ever to feel connected to your community at large.

Looking to work in film, technology, or logistics with a bit of southern hospitality on the side? Move to Georgia! Atlanta, the state capital

The price of rent and goods have slowly crept upward — but you may have found your salary isn’t increasing in kind. If you’re