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    Mature Fandom: Stylish Home Decor for the Die-Hard Fan

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    10 Tips for Creating a Dual Workspace for the Professional Couple

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    9 Big Ideas for Small Apartment Organization

  • Rebuilding and Reclaiming Home After a Natural Disaster

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    Low Bed vs High Bed: What’s the Ideal Bed Height?

Moving is a stressful and physically demanding task, especially when transporting heavy and bulky furniture. Whether you’re moving for the first time, relocating on short notice, or handling the move solo, knowing the best practices for moving different pieces of furniture without damaging them, or yourself, is crucial. This guide will walk you through the essentials of safely moving furniture, highlighting the benefits of using specific tools and asking for assistance when necessary.

As your moving truck fills up, you might start eyeing that old

Moving – whether across the country or town – is hard. Add kids to the mix, and it becomes exponentially harder for countless reasons, from coordinating school transfers to navigating the emotions of leaving friends and adjusting to a brand-new home. This guide will provide moving tips for families to help make your move as pleasant (or at least as painless) as possible before, during, and after the physical move.

Moving is stressful, no matter why or where you’re moving. This is also true for your pets. They don’t understand what’s going on, why they’re in a strange place, or even that the new place is their home now. So until someone makes the technology for you to chat with your pets (finally), it’s up to you as the owner to minimize their moving stress. Here are our top tips for moving with pets.

The weather is heating up, and while some students are gearing up for beach trips and lazy days, others are diving headfirst into summer classes or pre-college summer programs. If you’re part of the latter group,

Networking isn’t just a skill; it’s a vital tool, especially for those early in their careers. Whether you’re aiming to secure your next internship, seeking mentorship, or eyeing potential job opportunities, the connections you make today can significantly impact your professional journey.

But networking doesn’t have to be intimidating or confined to stuffy conference rooms. Hosting a networking event in your own space can be a game-changer, allowing you to showcase your personality, interests, and hospitality while forging meaningful connections. Here’s how to host a successful networking event right at home.

Summer is approaching, and if you aren’t applying for internships, it’s time to start hunting for a seasonal job. You might be wondering how to find a summer job as a college student. The first step is to decide what kind of job you want! Summer jobs range from traditional, like waiting tables, to more creative, such as working as a whitewater rafting guide. Whether you’re looking for something tame and flexible or to have a great story for your roommates in the fall, here are a few of our top summer jobs for college students.

Internships are a great way to get experience in your chosen major

Die-hard fans understand the power of fandom and its ability to shape culture and identity. It's about more than just liking something; it's a way to connect with people who share your passions, celebrate creativity, and

Whether you’re hunting for remote jobs for couples or you and your

Living in a small space has its challenges, but with the right

Your home is more than four walls and a roof. It’s where

Dinner parties aren’t a thing of the past — and they don’t have to be a super formal affair. These food-focused get-togethers are regaining popularity, making them a great way to gather with friends or family for a night of good eats and fun times. Dinner parties can also be a great way for you to meet new people when you’ve recently moved, or life has taken you in a new direction.


Hosting a dinner party can feel intimidating, especially if you’ve never planned one before. Whether you’re wondering how to host your first dinner party or your fiftieth, here are our top 19 tips for making it an event to remember. 

Monochromatic spaces prove that less can truly be more when it comes to color. Focusing on one hue when decorating a space can create harmony, cohesion, and intentionality — when done correctly, that is. If you’re considering monochrome interior design for your home, check out these tips to ensure your space doesn’t fall flat.

Beach or mountains? This question can be as much of a personality test as a Myers-Briggs! But these two locations aren’t just a vacation choice. They can also make great design languages. Whether you’re a lover of mountains trying to bring that vibe into your home, an ocean-obsessed decorator, or somewhere in between, here are a few different ways you can play with these styles.

As we approach the halfway mark of 2024, it’s time to reassess our previous interior design choices and bid farewell to trends that have overstayed their welcome. In their place, we welcome the emergence of fresh and exciting 2024 interior design trends. From color palettes to design aesthetics, here we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to what’s in and what’s out this year in the ever-evolving world of home decor.

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CORT Furniture Rental, the nation’s leading provider of furniture rental and destination services, has announced the retirement of Jeff Pederson,

In a groundbreaking move, Hotels for Trial and CORT have come together to redefine the landscape of travel accommodations and

CORT Furniture Rental, the nation’s leading provider of furniture rental and destination services, proudly announces the appointment of Mike Davis