PCS relocations peak during the summer months, but how much warning you receive is highly contingent on the budget and needs of your service branch. Although moving is hectic in any situation, getting PCS orders adds

Over the past 18 months, CORT has been posting a series of

A military move is always a transition that takes some getting used

Moving any distance is a big undertaking — but making a move

The college years are a time of rapid, frequent change filled with exciting new adventures and, in many cases, a steep learning curve. Many of those lessons have nothing to do with the classroom and more

With graduation behind you, it may seem like the hard work is

Transferring colleges offers an exciting new opportunity, but getting ready for the

Where to live, where to live? That's one of the biggest questions

Though it may seem glamorous, event planning can be incredibly demanding. According to Forbes, event planners have the 5th most stressful job in America. With warm weather on the horizon and beautiful evenings best spent sharing

Guest blog by Elias Grouhi, Social Tables Being a meeting planner isn’t as

CHANTILLY, Va. (May 31, 2018) – CORT Events, the nation’s leading furniture,

As warmer weather approaches, we all look to spend more time outdoors.

Both useful and versatile, the coffee table is far more than just a functional piece of furniture. When styled correctly, it also serves as an artistic centerpiece that adds visual appeal and makes a statement. Decide

Home design usually means finding the right furniture and décor, but 2018