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By Heather R. Johnson People move into temporary housing for many reasons: a job change, an internship, a home renovation, a military relocation. Whether your temporary phase will last a month or a year, you have serious

By Heather R. Johnson Moving to a new city is both exciting and

It's often said that the only constant in military life is change.

By Heather R. Johnson Whether you're moving to a new country or returning

By Heather R. Johnson Many undergrads can't wait to get out of college dorms and into their own apartments. Before you pack up and sign a lease, think about the responsibilities and lifestyle changes that come with

By Rodika Tollefson Group projects are common in college classes, and students quickly

March is the time of year when students all over the country

By Andrea Ditter-Middleton For a student, learning to study is as important as

Organic and Earthy Environments, Eclectic Modern Designs and Functionality Are Trending for Events Nationwide As we welcome in the new year, CORT Trade Show & Event Furnishings announces the 2017 top event and meeting furnishings design trends

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new place or have exciting news

Memorial Day weekend is the official kick off to summer time and

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is greenery. The shade is specifically a fresh yellow-green color inspired by nature. Whether you want to make a big splash or just dip your toe into the greenery-design

By Stephanie Anderson Witmer Adding designer-inspired touches doesn't have to break the bank

By Andrea Ditter-Middleton Is a drab living room making it hard to relax

Updating your home with holiday-themed décor throughout the year is often simpler

By Heather R. Johnson Moving to a new city is both exciting and stressful. You get to start fresh with a new home, new job, and new friends, but you also have a long list of essential

By Heather R. Johnson After years of living in cramped spaces with messy

By Suchi Rudra Whether you are refreshing the look of your home or