Moving 101: Can I Leave Furniture in an Apartment After Moving?

As your moving truck fills up, you might start eyeing that old sofa and think about leaving it behind. After all, it’s heavy, you’re getting tired, and you may even be moving without assistance. But what happens if you leave furniture in an apartment? Or what happens if you abandon your apartment altogether? 


No one hands you a guide to the ins and outs of renting an apartment, though, so it’s important to find out what you can and can’t do. This guide will help explain the possible consequences of leaving furniture or other belongings behind when you move out.


Can I Leave Furniture in an Apartment?


Generally, it’s best not to leave furniture or other belongings in an apartment. Leaving an unwanted sofa, cabinet, or desk in your apartment can seem harmless when you move out. You may even feel tempted to leave a trash can or microwave you no longer want. 


It makes sense – moving can be a pain, even more so if you don’t want the things you’re moving! But leaving stuff behind when moving out can open up a complicated can of worms. This is especially true if you don’t ask permission from your landlord.


How Can I Avoid Worrying About Moving My Furniture?


Renting furniture is an easy way to avoid the hassle of moving your belongings, especially if you’re moving temporarily or often. And renting furniture from CORT is a breeze! Simply design your furniture package, set your move-in dates, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll set your furniture up, and when you’re ready to move out, we’ll pick it up, too. That means you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do with your old furniture when you move – simply pack your clothes and toothbrush, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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What Happens When You Leave Furniture in an Apartment?

If someone moves out and leaves belongings behind, those items can become the landlord’s property once the lease term is up. Here are a few different possible scenarios and what can happen.


You left items while you were in the middle of moving out.

If you’re moving out before the end of your lease, it’s perfectly okay to leave some items while you make your way to your new home! You don’t have to take everything all at once — just make sure you have everything cleared up before your official move-out date.


You left furniture after your lease is up.

If you leave furniture or other belongings, such as decor, in your apartment after your lease is over, your landlord will own them. They may throw them away as they please, and you will likely not be able to get them back.


If you accidentally left something behind, contact your landlord or leasing agent as soon as possible. Depending on your lease agreement, leaving items intentionally may result in cleaning charges. It takes more effort, but leaving furniture by a dumpster or attempting to sell it online may be a better option.


You left food in the refrigerator.

Ah, the eternal debate: is it okay to leave food in the refrigerator when you move out? The answer isn’t very straightforward. Many people leave food in the fridge when they move out of an apartment. 


However, in many lease agreements, this is something that can result in cleaning charges. Check your lease, and take or dispose of the food yourself.


What Happens If I Abandon My Apartment?

There are many reasons you may decide to abandon your apartment entirely, but it’s important to understand that there can be consequences.


Abandoning your apartment can result in:


  • Fines due to lease violations
  • Legal action from your landlord
  • Being held responsible for paying rent until the end of the lease
  • Withheld security deposit
  • An eviction filing which can affect your ability to rent apartments in the future


If you need to move out before your lease ends, it’s essential to talk to your leasing agent or landlord first. They may charge you lease break fees, but will likely be less costly than abandoning your apartment.


How CORT Furniture Rental Can Help

Moving furniture isn’t easy. Sometimes, life circumstances call for quick or unexpected moves that can make you question your options. If frequent moves or temporary housing have you questioning your furniture choices, renting from CORT can help ease that difficulty.


Customize a CORT Furniture Rental package that suits your space and style. After you build your furniture and houseware package, set a delivery date, and our team will take care of the rest. That includes setting up your furniture in your new home. Then, once you’re ready to move out, we’ll pick it up! 


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