Shaping the Future of Legal Workspaces: Flexible, Scalable, and Stylish Solutions with CORT

Making the comfort of employees a top priority when designing office spaces has become essential across all industries. The legal industry, with its unique challenges, is no exception.

Understanding Legal Workspaces’ Unique Challenges

Legal workplaces must balance the need for private spaces for confidential matters with open areas that foster collaboration and accommodate larger case demands. Flexibility is crucial to manage fluctuating team sizes and hybrid work models, all while integrating rapidly advancing technology.

Law offices are evolving to prioritize inclusivity and the well-being of both employees and clients, shifting away from traditional designs focused primarily on aesthetics. Partnering with CORT allows legal offices to efficiently address these evolving needs, creating high-quality, flexible, and stylish environments.

Addressing Pain Points with Empathy and Innovation

Pain Point 1: Attracting and Retaining Talent Amidst a Competitive Real Estate Market

According to research conducted by Kastle, law firms are returning to the office at a much higher rate than other industries. In March 2024, they were at 63.4% occupancy compared to 51.2% average occupancy in other industries. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when commercial office space is hard to find, especially in urban and densely populated areas. This can make it difficult for firms to attract and retain top talent. 

CORT’s Solution: Moving isn’t always necessary. With CORT Furniture-as-Service™, you can transform any space into an optimal working environment, saving on costly renovations and time. Our free design services ensure a welcoming space that retains new employees and makes current staff feel valued and comfortable.

Pain Point 2: Adapting to Hybrid Work Models

While law offices may be leading the way in the return to work, things don’t look quite like they did pre-pandemic. Kastle’s research also indicates that less than half of all law office employees are in the office on Fridays, a massive decline from February 2020. This suggests that many employees are working a hybrid schedule, meaning they spend some days in the office and some days working remotely.

CORT’s Solution: Our modular and reconfigurable furniture supports diverse work settings, ensuring your firm can adapt to hybrid models. From private offices to collaborative areas equipped with the latest technology, we help you accommodate everyone. Renting our versatile options, like the Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk, where an employee can claim it for a few hours of private work or a small group can utilize it to conduct a quick 15-minute meeting as needed, allowing for quick adjustments to workforce changes.

Pain Point 3: Enhancing Productivity with Immediate Solutions

Law firms often face long lead times when purchasing new furniture, and since the pandemic began, it’s only gotten worse. According to Elysian magazine, as of 2023, you could wait over 20 weeks for custom-made items coming from within the United States and even longer for international items. This means that scaling up or down when your staffing and caseloads change could delay various activities for months. 

CORT’s Solution: Partnering with CORT eliminates long wait times. We provide immediate solutions, configuring quantities and layouts within five days of contract signing. This responsiveness ensures your firm’s daily operations continue smoothly without disruption.

Paint point 4: Creating Specialized Environments for Legal Professionals

No two weeks are just alike in a law firm. During the summer and fall, you may participate in associate programs. You might conduct depositions. You may need a war room at times. All of this leads to a need for unique spaces that foster focus, collaboration, and confidentiality. 

CORT’s Solution: We furnish unique spaces that enhance functionality and productivity. Renting furniture from CORT means it arrives when needed and is removed when finished, ensuring flexibility. Our extensive selection allows you to customize the ideal look and function for each project phase.

Making an Impact with CORT: A Real-World Example

We recently partnered with a legal company in Texas facing a growing hybrid workforce and two office leases. Instead of losing money on unused space or setting up a permanent office in an undesirable location, they sublet their offices and moved into a temporary space. With CORT’s flexible solutions, we configured their new space with high-quality, flexible furniture within days, allowing them to continue serving clients without disruption.

CORT: Your Strategic Partner in the Legal Industry

When designing or redesigning office spaces, CORT is your trusted ally, ready to support your unique needs with empathy and innovation. We help you:

  • Reconfigure your current space to avoid moving
  • Adjust to a growing hybrid workforce
  • Reduce dependence on new furniture with long lead times
  • Create flexible environments for diverse projects

Ready to elevate your legal workspace with unparalleled flexibility and style? Contact CORT today to discover how our tailored furniture solutions can revolutionize your firm’s environment and support your team’s success.