Just How Big Is 1,000 Square Feet?

You’re at the crossroads of a new phase in life, and a plethora of housing considerations lay at that junction. “How much square footage do I need?” “Is 1,000 square feet enough?” “How big is 1,000 square feet, really?”


Whether you’re pursuing a new degree, embracing the nomadic lifestyle, or navigating a job relocation, we have you covered. Read on to unravel the mysteries of a 1,000 sq ft home — from the number of rooms to the type of furniture that’ll fit like a glove and why the layout is your secret weapon for making it feel cozy or cavernous. 


How Many Rooms Are in a 1,000 Square Foot Apartment?


1,000 sq ft apartments typically have a living room, a kitchen, one or two bedrooms, and one or two bathrooms. They’re not quite sprawling mansions, but they’re not tiny houses, either. 


In one-bedroom layouts, you’re looking at a roomy primary bedroom, a living area perfect for Netflix marathons and game nights, a kitchen with enough space to whip up a culinary masterpiece, and a bathroom. If you love open floor plans, this layout is probably your perfect cup of tea. 


A multiple-bedroom setup might have a smaller living room, primary bedroom, and kitchen in exchange for one or two extra bedrooms and potentially another bathroom. This layout certainly has benefits — an unused bedroom can be a serious boon if you turn it into a home office. And don’t worry about the reduced primary bedroom space; you can still feng shui your small bedroom with the right furniture! 


How Many People Can Live in a 1,000 Sq Ft Home? 


Occupancy limitations are tricky — they depend on local and federal laws, which consider factors like square footage, occupant ages, and general safety. Generally, though, the Fair Housing Act allows for two people per bedroom. So, depending on the number of bedrooms in your 1,000 sq ft abode, it could accommodate two to four residents. 


What Is Considered a Big Apartment? 


Is a 1,000-square-foot apartment “big”? Well, it’s all relative. For a student moving out of their childhood home, it’s positively palatial. For a young couple, it’s likely spot-on. For a five-member family, it’s bordering on small. 


Nonetheless, how your home is perceived — big or small — is highly dependent on its layout. 1,000 square feet can feel like a spacious oasis when it’s open concept, but too many rooms can make you feel stuck in a labyrinth. 


No matter what, your new home is the canvas on which you paint the next chapter of your life. Ultimately, the size of your abode isn’t just about the numbers. It’s about what you make of it. It’s about how you arrange your space and how it fits your needs and lifestyle. With the right arrangement, even 600 sq ft can feel spacious. It’s a world of possibilities, so let your creativity run wild and make it your own!   


Furnishing Your 1,000 Square Foot Living Space


Let’s talk about those possibilities. To transform your empty apartment into a soothing homestead, you’ll need furniture that fulfills your needs and gives your space personality. Here are our furniture recommendations, room by room: 


1. Breathe life into the living room.

First up, the living room! It’s the heart of your home, where you can put Netflix on the TV, chill, and entertain. Go for a cozy sofa, stylish armchairs, and a coffee table topped with intriguing books and the occasional snack. 

2. Kit out the kitchen.

Your kitchen is your culinary playground. If you have a bar or island, consider adding a couple of barstools to create a hibachi-style experience for your guests. And don’t forget some storage solutions to keep your pots, pans, and spices in check. 

3. Furnish the dining room.

Food brings people together, so a dining table is a must. If space is limited, choose a compact dining table with a few chairs to open the room up. Otherwise, pick something to accommodate a dinner party or tabletop game night. The more chairs, the merrier the festivities! 

4. Decorate your bedroom.

Ah, the bedroom — your sanctuary for a good night’s sleep. Opt for a comfy bed, a pair of bedside tables, and a dresser to store your clothing essentials. If your wardrobe threatens to spill into the rest of your apartment, consider a clothes rack or armoire to keep things tidy. 

5. Finally, the bathroom.


Let’s not forget the bathroom — nice towels, toiletries, and classy bathroom accessories like soap dispensers and decorative cotton swab containers can elevate your daily routine. 


Need Help With Furnishing?


Depending on the layout of your apartment, 1,000 square feet can feel spacious – or not. No matter how many bedrooms, nooks, and home offices your new place has, you’ve got to furnish it! CORT Furniture Rental can help. CORT has customizable packages to fit spaces of any size and shape. So if 1,000 square feet turns out to be a bit smaller than you expected, you’re not stuck with colossal furniture you can barely move around!


When moving into temporary housing, no matter the situation, it’s essential to feel comfortable and at home with your furnishings. That’s why we make building a custom furniture package easy! Go to your local CORT Furniture Rental showroom in person or get started online.


You can pick from Move-In Ready packages for the utmost convenience or customize your package to every detail. We’ll work with you to arrange a delivery date, and our team will assemble your furniture. Then, you can decide your pickup date, and we’ll do the heavy lifting. Visit CORT Furniture Rental online or in person today and make your next house feel like home.

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