How to Feng Shui Your Small Bedroom

Your bedroom may be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be inviting and wonderful! Take notes from the ancient practice of feng shui to arrange furniture, make a space feel balanced, and create your dream bedroom. Read on for small bedroom layout ideas, feng shui dos and don’ts, and inspiration for even the tiniest of spaces.


Small Bedroom: Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Inspiration 


The Chinese art of feng shui centers around creating a home that aligns with the forces of nature. It also helps create an environment that relaxes and nurtures you whenever you spend time in it, and isn’t “relaxing and nurturing” the primary purpose of a bedroom in the first place? Practicing feng shui in your small bedroom layout begins with the most important element: the bed! 


Feng Shui Bed Placements


In feng shui, the best place for the bed is called the “commanding position.” It’s different in every room, but generally, you want the bed to be placed where you can see the door when sitting or lying in it. Typically, this is the wall perpendicular to whichever wall has the door, and you’ll want to place your bed with the foot toward the door (this helps with both privacy and energy flow, since the head of the bed is out of sight while the door is open). If you can help it, don’t push one side of the bed against a wall. Feng shui principles say this can make one or both people using the bed feel trapped.

How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Bedroom: Add Secondary Elements

Maximize your storage.


Of course, a small space may limit your options for bed placement, especially if you need to store items in your bedroom, too (where the heck are you supposed to put the dresser?!). To remedy this—and to make a small room feel bigger— choose a piece of furniture that has multiple purposes. Need space for clothing? Choose a bed frame with built-in drawers underneath, or small shelves tucked behind the headboard. Want to add a seating area to your floor plan? Utilize a small storage bench or ottoman so you can stash extra linens or shoes inside. 


Choose bedside tables wisely.


Small rooms don’t need oversized nightstands. Bedside tables that are too big will not only eat up your valuable floor space; but they’ll also make the room feel small and cramped. Instead, opt for night tables that suit the scale of the room and still leave you plenty of room to walk all the way around the bed. Feng shui suggests choosing a bedside table with rounded corners or edges, but a square shape can work well, too (and gives you more surface area). Just be sure no sharp corners are pointing at you or your partner while you sleep, as this is said to direct negative energy in your direction, according to feng shui principles. 


Take advantage of natural light (and supplement it as needed). 


Interior designers will almost always tell you to maximize natural light, and feng shui principles will, too. Keep window treatments light and airy to maximize sunlight during the day, and only add blackout curtains that can open all the way if you need them for sleep. You can use mirrors to reflect natural light, but feng shui principles suggest not placing a mirror in a position where you can see yourself while sitting or lying in bed. Use floor and table lamps to add more light and set the mood in your room, but take a tip from feng shui and avoid low-hanging suspended light fixtures (they’re said to bring back luck).


Incorporate the five elements of feng shui. 


Whether you’re creating a bedroom within a studio apartment or simply need feng shui bedroom layouts for a small space, you can turn to the five elements of feng shui to create a more balanced feeling. These elements are water, wood, metal, earth, and fire. Bring in bedding in earthy shades, or infuse the fire element in your small bedroom with warm-toned lighting or red-hued modern wall art


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