How to Create a Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

Congratulations! You’ve secured the keys to your first studio apartment. But now what? If you’re not used to an open floor plan, arranging a studio apartment can feel daunting. Here’s the good news: you can effortlessly maximize your space and decorate a studio apartment on a budget.

A studio apartment, by definition, comprises a single room with a kitchen and oftentimes an attached bathroom. The living, bedroom, and dining area exists in the single room space without any room dividers or doors. 

So after moving into your studio apartment, your first order of business should be setting up your bedroom. Once you decide how and where you’ll create a bedroom, the rest of your decorating decisions will be a breeze! Here are some tips on how to arrange a studio apartment to best suit your lifestyle. 

Don’t Let Your Studio Stop You

First things first — if you’re concerned about not having enough space in your studio apartment, rest assured there are storage solutions and layout options aplenty.

Studio apartments may even offer more layout opportunities than their compartmentalized counterparts! Open floor plans can allow you to create the floor plan of your dreams. A little creativity can go a long way within the (minimal) walls of your apartment. 

Waste No Space

Consider Your Studio Apartment’s Unique Layout

Above all, it’s essential to take a good look at your studio’s floor plan. Before you plot out where you’ll put your home office, roll out your yoga mat, or host movie night, be sure to prioritize your bedroom space. Placing your bed first will ensure good flow and blocking within the rest of your apartment! 

Find a Cozy Nook for Your Bed

Beds cover a lot of square footage. To best maximize space in your studio, you’ll want to make sure your sleeping area is off to the side or away from the rest of the apartment. 

Does your studio’s floor plan boast any tucked-away nooks or separate areas? If so, these are ideal spots to carve out a bedroom. If not, the far corners of your studio can serve a similar purpose.

Stick to this simple tip, and you’ll expand the possibilities of your studio space!  

Divide and Conquer

Create Privacy with Room Dividers

Now that you know where you’ll be setting up your bed, you might be wondering how to create privacy. If you’d like to create the illusion of a separate bedroom within your studio, opt for a room divider. 

In addition to providing much-desired privacy, room dividers are an excellent way to incorporate style. Room dividers come in an assortment of eye-catching patterns, colors, materials, and sizes and are available at most home decor stores.

Make a DIY Room Divider

If you’re up to a DIY project, craft a room divider using cleverly hung tapestries, drapes, or fabric. Add an instant pop of vintage flair by thrifting these items! 

Use your imagination and don’t overthink it — dividers look best when they have a casual, bohemian feel. 

Get Inspired

Take to the Internet

When it comes to arranging your studio apartment, seeing is believing! Turn to the internet for studio apartment inspiration

Realtors, interior designers, and home decor enthusiasts love to show their fanbases what’s possible within smaller spaces. An abundance of helpful videos will pop up through searching phrases like, “does a studio apartment have a bedroom” or “one-bedroom studio apartment.” 


Get inspired on social media! Pinterest and Instagram are fantastic resources for studio apartment design inspiration. 

After viewing expertly crafted interiors with incredibly minimal square footage, you’ll feel optimistic and excited about what’s possible within your studio!

Leave the Rest to CORT

Last but not least, it’s essential you choose furniture that appropriately fits both the size and vibe of your home. 

When it comes to furnishing your studio apartment, leave it to the experts. CORT has furniture made to fit small spaces — like your studio! Work with our team of design experts to make your space feel like home. From helping to select pieces with your style in mind to curating your entire package, our design team is at the ready to help create the perfect subscription package for your studio. Call on CORT, and you can guarantee that your studio will feel just right instead of overcrowded or underwhelming.  

For more interior inspiration, peruse CORT’s furniture subscription packages either online or at one of CORT’s furniture rental showrooms near you

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