April 2024

Summer is approaching, and if you aren’t applying for internships, it’s time to start hunting for a seasonal job. You might be wondering how to find a summer job as a college student. The first step is to decide what kind of job you want! Summer jobs range from traditional, like waiting tables, to more creative, such as working as a whitewater rafting guide. Whether you’re looking for something tame and flexible or to have a great story for your roommates in the fall, here are a few of our top summer jobs for college students.

Moving is stressful, no matter why or where you’re moving. This is also true for your pets. They don’t understand what’s going on, why they’re in a strange place, or even that the new place is their home now. So until someone makes the technology for you to chat with your pets (finally), it’s up to you as the owner to minimize their moving stress. Here are our top tips for moving with pets.