CORT Workplace Talk: Revolutionizing Workplace Interiors with Amber Jones

In the landscape of workplace solutions, few individuals embody adaptability and innovation like Amber Jones, VP Sales at Tangram Interiors. A few weeks ago, I ventured to the Tangram Interiors showroom in Los Angeles that was both inspiring and enlightening. With over 18 years of experience in furniture sales and management, Amber brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role, shaping the trajectory of Tangram’s success. It was a privilege to sit down with Amber to record this thought-provoking conversation for our latest CORT Workplace Talk, delving into the intricacies of navigating the evolving realm of services and partnerships within the furniture industry.

A Leader in Furniture Sales and Management

Amber’s journey in the furniture industry began over a decade ago, and her tenure at Tangram Interiors has been nothing short of transformative. Throughout her 10+ years with the company, she has played a pivotal role in helping their corporate, education, and healthcare clients create and maintain engaging spaces that adapt as their organization evolves. She has played a pivotal role in growing sales teams to their full potential, nurturing a culture of excellence and collaboration.

Relocating and Leading a Sales Team

In 2021, Tangram Interiors expanded its footprint by opening a regional office in Dallas, Texas. This move marked a significant transition for the company, and Amber’s leadership was instrumental in rebuilding the entire Dallas sales organization from the ground up. Her ability to navigate change with grace and resilience is a testament to her dedication to Tangram’s mission of creating engaging spaces for corporate, education, and healthcare clients. When asked about this change, she expressed how it has been both a personal and professional transformation.

“My stepdad told me a long time ago. You’re supposed to look in your career every decade and see if you’re still doing something you love, and I absolutely was still doing something I love. I was at a spot where I was open for a little bit of a different challenge. So, from our professional standpoint, it has been very challenging. I’ve had to double my network. I’m still very invested in the marketing in California, having to do the California work as well as the Dallas stuff. I mean, Super challenging [but] very rewarding and probably the hardest thing I can say I’ve ever done professionally.”

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Leading with Wings: Amber’s Empowering Leadership Philosophy

Amber’s leadership philosophy is centered around empowerment and support. She believes in building teams of empowered individuals who are encouraged to spread their wings and flourish. Recently, via LinkedIn, she shared: “I don’t micromanage. I’m here to build a team of butterflies and you can’t do that if you smother people while they’re in their cocoons.” This message underscores her approach to leadership, fostering an environment where team members feel valued, supported, and inspired to excel. She elaborated on this by explaining her role at Tangram and how it has evolved over the years.

“I don’t micromanage. I’m here to build a team. You can’t do that if you’re smothering people…if you hire smart people, and you teach them a skill, and then you let them come back, they’ll often times teach you more than you ever taught them. If you hire someone and you smother them to nothing, it’s only a matter of time until they exit from your organization.”

Powering Growth: Tangram’s Collaborative Expansion Strategies

One of the ways Tangram has expanded its services is by collaborating with partners like CORT to offer a full suite of services and streamline projects. By leveraging a diverse network of partners and service providers, Tangram has been able to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of clients across various sectors. This collaborative mindset has been instrumental in driving Tangram’s growth and success. Amber discussed how they decide on these partnerships.

“People buy from people. They like working with people they like to buy from and anytime you work on a project, if you take that same team and work on a second project, it’s always better than the first one.”

The Shift in Furniture Purchasing Landscape: Adapting to Flexibility and Change

As the workplace continues to evolve in response to global shifts and changing employee expectations, Amber remains at the forefront of innovation. Her insights into hybrid work strategies and the future of interior design reflect Tangram’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing clients with forward-thinking solutions. During our conversation, we touched upon the changing landscape of furniture purchasing and the growing demand for flexible furniture solutions. Amber acknowledged the expanding lanes of purchasing furniture and the need for adaptable solutions.

“We pick people that we know we can count on. That our product shows up on time and that we have good relationships with as far as the diversification of what we’re selling to our customers. It might not always be that furniture is what we’re entering the opportunity with, right? Maybe it’s a technology and then later down the road, they want to redo the flooring or they want to add in some furniture. For us, it’s not just the manufacturers that we have from the furniture side, but it’s figuring out what the right entree into that account might be.”

Tailored Triumphs: Crafting Personalized Solutions at Tangram

Customization, personalization, and flexibility are at the core of Tangram’s approach to furniture solutions. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Tangram works closely with clients to tailor furniture solutions that align with their specific requirements. Whether it’s adapting to different workspace layouts, incorporating branding elements, or accommodating ergonomic preferences, Tangram prides itself on delivering personalized solutions that enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Amber emphasized how they cater to the unique needs of different clients by offering tailored solutions.

“Our intention is to have long term, decade-long, relationships where we do adds, moves, and changes. We grow with you, we change with you. We innovate with you.”

Hybrid Heroes: Amber’s Insights into Future Work Models

In the wake of global shifts towards remote and hybrid work models, Amber’s insights into hybrid workplace strategies are invaluable. As we delved into the topic of hybrid work strategies, Amber shared her observations on the industries leading the way in adopting new approaches.

“I don’t think we’re necessarily talking as much about “return to office” as much as we are talking about when you get to the office, does your technology and furniture work in a way that is using the space the best that it can? And then, is it worth people actually coming into this space? Because when they get there, will they have a spot to work and will the technology be able to function across locations or from home to office? I think it’s a more of conversation of tech and furniture together before versus “return to office.”

Future Trends and Innovations: What’s on the Horizon

Looking ahead, Amber’s anticipation of upcoming trends or innovations in the interior design and furniture industry that excite her. Tangram’s proactive approach to staying abreast of emerging technologies, materials, and design concepts positions them as industry leaders poised for continued growth and success. As we wrapped up our conversation, it was clear that Amber and her team remain dedicated to pushing boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and delivering solutions that redefine the future of work.

“I really do hope that people start to realize that the office is not a conversation about something that’s going away. It’s a conversation about something that will change to support the future of work…I’m looking forward to the end of that is the office dead conversation and instead the beginning and resurgence of how do we always make the office better? Because I think there’s room.”

Exploring Adaptability and Flexibility: Join the Conversation

In this interview, Amber shared valuable insights into the multifaceted world of interior design and furniture solutions. Her innovative approaches and forward-thinking perspectives shed light on Tangram Interiors’ commitment to excellence and the future of the industry.

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