Beyond Borders: Navigating Global Work Trends | CORT Workplace Talks

Written by: Melanie Jones

Welcome back to CORT Workplace Talks. As many of us are beginning to ask and answer the hard questions around why we have a workplace and what the physical workplace can do to better perform for us,  I felt there would be no better guest to kick off our third season of interviews than Irene Thomas Johnson. Irene is a seasoned global account executive at JLL with a passion for facilities management and mentorship. Throughout our conversation, she dived into the intricacies of the evolving workplace landscape and not only shed light on the challenges companies face but also highlighted the resilience and adaptability required in navigating the new normal.

I hope you all enjoy and happy 2024.

Irene’s Role at JLL

In my conversation with Irene, she shared insights into her journey as a global account executive at JLL, spanning a decade. Irene manages a dynamic team for a prominent technology firm, and she spoke passionately about the day-to-day intricacies of her work, emphasizing the importance of fostering strong relationships with clients and managing teams across the Americas and APAC regions.

Adapting to the New Normal

As we navigated through our conversation, Irene and I discussed the challenges businesses encounter post-pandemic. The shift towards hybrid work models and the varying perspectives on returning to the office became focal points of our discussion. Irene emphasized the need for flexibility and how companies are seeking guidance from firms like JLL to optimize their strategies.

Role of JLL in Guiding Companies

Our conversation underscored the pivotal role that companies like JLL play in guiding businesses through the complexities of managing portfolios and spaces in the ever-evolving work environment. Irene discussed the increasing reliance on strategic guidance and the crucial intersection of technology and data analytics in shaping the future of work.

Facilities Management and Professional Involvement

Irene’s passion for facilities management became evident as she shared her involvement with professional organizations, particularly in mentoring and training the next generation. The discussion highlighted the holistic approach JLL takes in providing thought leadership, insight, and leveraging data analytics to inform businesses.

Challenges and Solutions in the Current Business Climate

We delved into the common challenges faced by businesses today, exploring Irene’s perspective on technology, space, and employee options as solutions to these challenges. The importance of understanding the varying needs of talent and offering flexibility emerged as key takeaways.

Looking Ahead

As we looked ahead, Irene shared her vision for the next three years—evolving her current role to something more significant and continuing her passion for teaching and mentoring. Her commitment to sharing the opportunities her career has afforded her and enticing more individuals into the facilities management field was truly inspiring.

Irene Thomas Johnson IFMA graphic

Final Thoughts and Advice

My conversation with Irene Thomas Johnson offered profound insights into the multifaceted landscape of the modern workplace. As we navigate the future of work, the collaboration between firms like JLL and the broader we business community will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping a more adaptable and resilient professional world.

Stay tuned to CORT Workplace Talks for more engaging conversations and insights into the ever-changing dynamics of the workplace.