July 2023

You’re recently separated or discharged from the military, or your separation date is soon. Thank you for your service! But what’s next?


The transition period after military service can be complex and confusing to navigate. While the government may assist with your transition in some ways, finding a new home could be up to you. This guide will help you decide where to live, whether to buy, rent, and more.


It sounds like an old country western song: every day feels the same, and you want to change your name and move to a new city. But it’s not a song. It’s your day-to-day life!


Whether your job feels like a dead-end, you’ve lost your love for the city you’re living in, or a relationship recently ended, one thing is clear: You’re ready for a new chapter in your life. If you think, “I feel stuck in life,” you’re not alone. A 2021 study by Oracle surveyed more than 14,000 people, revealing that 76% reported feeling stuck in their personal lives, while 27% reported feeling trapped in the same routine. Remember that this is a temporary period in your life, though!


So what can you do about it? These tips will help you learn how to start over in life.