Yellow Decor, Say More: 5 Ways to Incorporate Shades of Yellow in Your Home

There are hundreds of shades of yellow to choose from when considering this happy color as a complement to your home decor — lemon, mustard, amber, straw, and goldenrod, just to name a few. This versatile color was used as early as 45,000 BCE to decorate cave walls, and it has been a favorite of humans throughout history for its semblance to the sun and gold. So why not bring some of the light and richness this joyful hue conjures into your home?


How to Use Yellow Successfully


Some people may be afraid to decorate with yellow because it’s just too, well, bright! But there are more shades of yellow than rooms in your house, so you can easily find one that suits your taste—whether that means a bold, highlighter yellow statement or a more subtle accent. If you want to decorate successfully with yellow, choose a hue with the following guidelines in mind:


Use complementary colors.


Because it’s such an intense color, yellow can clash with other decor if you’re not careful. When decorating a room with yellow, it’s a good idea to use a color wheel as a guide to find other shades in the same color palette. Generally, colors on opposite sides of the wheel—like blue and yellow or black and white—will pair well and make great accent colors in your space.


Consider the purpose of the space.


When deciding how much or little yellow to use in a given room, think about the room’s primary purpose. Traditionally, yellow is associated with cheer and happiness. Any room could do with a bit of joy, but yellow has also been shown to foster decision-making and help organize your thoughts. With that in mind, a yellow accent wall in your office might be more impactful than in the bedroom.


Place it purposefully.


As with any good interior design, having a general plan for decorating a space can help ensure the overall look comes together nicely. When using yellow, deciding where to place this bright shade is essential before you commit to painting a wall or wallpapering an entire room. Be intentional about where and how you use yellow in a space.


5 Ways to Incorporate Yellow into Your Decor


Now that you have a few rules of thumb to follow to decorate with yellow successfully, what are the best ways to incorporate this sunny shade into your home? Several options are available, so you can choose those that work best for your situation; e.g., if you’re a renter, you might need to avoid more permanent decor choices like paint.


1. Paint a room or wall yellow. 


If you’re a homeowner or a renter with the ability to change your wall’s color, paint is one of the best ways to change the look and feel of a space completely. Start with an amber accent wall if you’re nervous about the change, or dive head first into eye-catching chartreuse for a major redesign!


2. Use yellow wallpaper.


Another way to make a bold statement in a room is with bright, joyful wallpaper. Nowadays, hundreds—if not thousands—of wallpaper patterns are available. One is sure to vibe well with your unique taste and your space. And as a bonus, plenty of peel-and-stick options mean you can easily remove a signature yellow accent wall when you want a change or have to move.


3. Embrace yellow furniture.


When choosing the furnishings for your home, consider choosing a few yellow accent pieces. A bright yellow coffee table can add just the right amount of this hue to your living room, while a mustard yellow accent chair might be just what you were looking for to offset your mid-century sofa.


4. Add some yellow wall decor and accessories.


If committing to yellow furniture still seems too bold for your first foray into decorating with yellow, consider accessories and decor. Wall art with rich yellow tones could add cheer to your home office, while saffron-colored throw pillows are an excellent way to incorporate yellow decor into a cozy bedroom without too much commitment. Mustard yellow decor, such as colorful and captivating rugs, can work well with other gem tones, dark walls, and eclectic furniture!


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