7 Home Must-Haves for a Homebody

We all have our own definition of a perfect home. If you’re a homebody, you probably don’t want an interior designer to create a posh and polished space — you just want your home to feel like YOU. Want to create a cozy home you’ll always love coming back to? Use these tips for inspiration, and make staying home the ultimate experience!

What Is a Homebody? 

So, what does it mean to be a homebody in the first place? A homebody is someone who truly loves and enjoys being at home. Many people think of homebodies as anti-social, but that’s not necessarily the case! A homebody can still enjoy interacting with other people, but they simply enjoy activities they can do from the comfort of home (like watching movies or working on projects) more than they enjoy being out and about. 

Cozy Home Decor: The Key to a Homebody’s Heart

Whether you’re a homebody yourself or you live with one, check out these essential ideas for creating a hallowed homebody retreat.

1. A comfy bed.

If you looked up the definition of a homebody in the dictionary, you’d likely find a picture of someone curled up in bed, tucked in under layers of blankets. Okay, okay…. not really, but a comfy bed is absolutely essential for any homebody personality! Design your ultimate homebody bedroom around a roomy bed you love (and make it one with storage if you’re decorating a small apartment!). Don’t skimp on linens, either. Splurge with high-quality sheets and blankets, and top it all off with a fluffy duvet and a few throw pillows.

2. Textured linens and finishes.

Chic, low-profile accessories and clean lines have their place in home decor, but that place is not in a homebody’s home! From faux fur area rugs to natural wood or stone accents, add texture to take a space from sterile to cozy in no time. For renter-friendly solutions, focus on wall art with a raised texture, as well as linens in nubby or chunky fabrics and knits—which leads us to our next homebody must-have…

3. Throw blankets and pillows— everywhere. 

Here’s the deal: a homebody personality needs to be able to settle in and get comfortable at a moment’s notice. So, having throw blankets and plenty of pillows within arm’s reach is totally necessary! Choose woven pillows or blankets with pompoms or tassels to bring even more inviting texture into your space.

4. Tons of function.

At the heart of homebody-friendly home decor is creating spaces where you can enjoy your favorite activities—all while staying home. Love to craft? Start with a super-functional craft room or craft station right in your living room. Is cooking your hobby of choice? Make sure your kitchen is outfitted with high-quality basics, like utensils and cookware. You can also add little touches of luxury to your most-used spaces, like extra fluffy towels if you enjoy taking baths, or a sophisticated dining room cabinet or shelf for your wine stash.

5. A reading nook.

Looking up “cozy home decor” online will probably give you tons of pictures of reading nooks, and rightfully so! Reading is the quintessential homebody activity. Even if you’re not much of a bookworm, creating a cozy nook can offer you a soft spot to land with a cup of tea or coffee, or a place to curl up and chat on the phone with a friend or loved one (you’re not totally anti-social; you just need your personal space!). Bring in an oversized accent chair, add some fairy lights, and relax the day away.

6. A calming color scheme. 

A homebody person is going to spend a lot of time, well, at home! With that in mind, homebodies need a color scheme that feels comforting and inviting. This can certainly vary depending on personal taste, but warm, moody colors are usually a good bet, and so is an all-white aesthetic with nature-inspired accent colors (like warm grays, greens, and blues). 

7. Soft lighting.

Nothing kills a cozy vibe like the harsh glare of a builder-grade overhead light. Use lamps on your living room side tables, or place floor lamps in tight spaces to add light without cluttering up valuable surface space. Plus, ample lighting next to your comfy chair or favorite spot on the couch makes it even easier to settle in with a book, crochet project, or beloved pet after a long day away from home.

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