4 Factors to Consider When Furnishing Your Home

There is a lot to consider when furnishing a house or apartment. Before looking at any of these factors, you need to answer a critical question should you “rent or buy your furniture outright”? When you’re planning for a short-term move, renting furniture has many benefits that tend to be overlooked including its affordable and providing high-quality options within a budget.

Rental furniture is an affordable and flexible way to incorporate timeless styles into your home. Try out new pieces and swap out things without commitment.

Now take a moment and look at these four factors before diving into furnishing your space as they will likely impact your decision.

What’s Your Preferred Design Style?

Take a moment to identify your preferred interior design style. Whether it’s a modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, or something in between, this is a very important step to take before picking out any furniture pieces. A great way to begin thinking about this is by looking at inspirational photos and videos. Pinterest can be the perfect place to begin as it will show you different styles and the elements that make up those styles.

Another great way to get the wheels turning is through interior design tv shows. These shows will show you the ins and outs of what makes up different design styles and will allow you to easily identify what you gravitate towards.

You might even consider design styles that are trending this year. These trends can help you create a space that not only best represents your preferences but is also up to date. This can be especially important if you’re moving into a new house and want to begin building equity.

What’s Your Lifestyle Like?

Next, you’ll want to consider the type of lifestyle you currently have. A few good questions to start with are:

  • Are you single?
  • Do you have a large family?
  • Is hosting something you frequently do?

All these things are going to help you determine the types of furniture that best suits your lifestyle. If it’s just you or a smaller family, you won’t need to worry about having a large table with lots of chairs for dining or having plenty of seating in the living room. But if you host gatherings, often this might be something you will consider to ensure you have enough space for all your guests.

Do you have people visiting from out of town that needs a place to sleep? If this is the case, you might contemplate having one or maybe even two guest bedrooms for your friends and family to stay in. Be sure to put just as much effort into these spaces as you do your own to ensure your guests feel comfortable in your home. It will make a huge difference to them and will keep them coming back in the future.

Do You Have Pets?

Often, we can overlook that “comfort” is a function of our furniture. One that it extends beyond our guests and us alone. Pets also require certain pieces in the home that are welcoming and invite them to interact with their human friends and family.  This is especially important for any sofa or accent chairs your pets may sit on often.

Additionally, if you have a pet that tends to get a bit nervous when you leave home, consider this as well. Certain furniture pieces can be hazardous to your pets including anything that can be chewed off or has small pieces. Before furnishing a space, do some research and determine if adding on the expense of pet insurance is also  worth having.

Does Your Furniture Function the Way Your Space Needs?

Functionality is also a top priority. A lot of fancy furniture can look beautiful and add to your overall aesthetic, but if it doesn’t function properly, it is ultimately a waste of money and space. If you have constraints on your space, you will need to place heavy emphasis on functionality and crossing this focus with your lifestyle. This will ensure that all your furniture pieces work for you and serve a purpose in your home.

Do You Have a Budget?

Lastly, and arguably the most important question you need to ask yourself is “what is my budget”? This will be the driving factor in your decisions regarding furnishing and decorating your home. Outlining a budget may be stressful at first, but all the more reason to consider renting your furniture. This is the perfect way to get the furniture you need without being tied down to it. You will be able to avoid those large upfront costs that come with buying high-quality furniture as well as the headaches and long-term costs that come with purchasing and replacing fast furniture.

Take all these factors in and reflect on what is most important to you before you begin furnishing your space. Choose CORT Furniture Rental for affordable, timeless, high-quality furniture that matches your style and your life.