How to Create a Modern and Rustic Farmhouse Interior

Countless home designs have been revived from the past, reimagined, and reinvented as old and new trends come together. Nowadays, most homes are a mixture of items that have been collected and curated over time to reflect the homeowner’s style just right. Yet, it can be overwhelming to find the right style for you and stick to it.

One of the many trending home styles that seem to find its way on every home magazine cover is farmhouse interiors. If you’re looking to create that country home with a modern look you’ve always dreamed of, you’re in luck. Farmhouse interior design is highly eclectic. It combines many design styles in a way that is unique while remaining true to a classic and rustic feel, ultimately finding the perfect balance. Read on to discover how you can recreate this atmosphere in your home for a breathtaking welcoming.

Blend Modern and Traditional Elements

As you start designing your home interior, think about what components you want to prioritize. With modern design elements, you’re going to be focusing more on the lighting, pieces of art, and furniture, along with signature finishes. On the other hand with traditional country-style elements, you’ll be focusing on those casual, vintage, aged, and natural elements.

Whether you picture a more modern farmhouse style or traditional farmhouse style, rustic finishes will always be a safe choice as they complement even the most modern of farmhouse design. There are countless options to incorporate these elements and pair them seamlessly together; whether it be through the floors, on the ceiling, the design of a kitchen island, the choice of the fireplace mantle, and more. For example, a weathered wood shelf would look beautiful over a white plaster wall, but it may be too much over a brick wall. Be creative and have fun experimenting with the combination of modern and rustic items to achieve the perfect design for you.

Mix Various Materials and Texture for Decor

With farmhouse interior design, it’s more than likely that you’ll never see a matching bedroom set or table and chairs. Farmhouse decor greets you with a relaxed yet practical and sophisticated feel, making you want to cozy up on the couch. Think natural essentials including reclaimed wood accents and finishes, from weathered wood to exposed brick, along with a range of metals and textiles that add personality to surfaces. You’ll want to avoid adding too many pieces since this can make the space appear smaller and cluttered. If you’re unsure of what you may like, you can rent furniture to explore what styles fit your end goal. Whether you choose knitted blankets, natural fiber rugs, or faux-fur pillows, having a variety of rich textures will give your home depth helping you achieve an effortlessly stylish interior.

If you want to add a more personal touch, consider bringing signs and graphics into the space. Transforming a simple gallery wall into your own inspirational board is an easy project to DIY. You can even pick quotes you love the most to feel inspired every day.

Include Showstopping Shiplap

What farmhouse design wouldn’t be complete without shiplap? Shiplap is an unmistakable trademark that’s simplistic, yet elegantly effective when tying a room together. This farmhouse design feature is frequently demonstrated by home renovator Joanna Gaines on HGTV making it a trending signature touch for many interior designers.

In essence, shiplap is a type of wooden board that’s often used when constructing sheds, barns, and other rustic buildings. Its simplistic lined pattern and subtle texture easily integrates with any interior decor style. Plus, you can modernize the wood slats by painting them white. This way, you can still add creative pops of color to the interior without anything clashing. If you’re interested in designing a shiplap accent wall, it can be the perfect project for adding a focal point anywhere in your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, around the fireplace, or the dining room ceiling. Taking into consideration the clean lines, craftsmanship, and elegant aesthetic you’re creating, this natural touch will add instant charm to any space.

Pick a Cozy, Neutral Color Palette

Farmhouse designs take on a crisp, neutral color palette with tones that add warmth and contrast to any room. Whether you’re starting from scratch or reviving your current spaces, there are neutral color schemes for every home you can start with. Dark colors create visual structure in the space. A black and white color combination is often a hallmark look for designing modern farmhouse interiors. Choosing neutral colors is also a smart strategy for ensuring there’s enough diversity to keep you from getting tired of your home interior. You can spruce it up with different shades of white, beige, brown, and greys to keep a nature-inspired feel.

Easily changeable and colorful accents go hand in hand with a neutral interior so you can create a color scheme that matches your personality. Being able to switch out an accent color or two to your liking can give your space an entirely new look anytime with minimal effort.

Embrace Design Statements

Like shiplap, there are some similar unmistakable design statements of farmhouse interior designs. Some modern farmhouse favorites include exposed rustic wood beams, sliding barn doors, candle chandeliers, and butcher-block counters. These help to add extra dimension to the room and a sense of comfortability. What’s more is the many possibilities of sustainable materials as you can turn old barn doors, floorboards, and wood scraps into floating shelves as well.

You can look for furniture statements to incorporate into your farmhouse style. If you come across larger wood pieces, use them to make custom benches, tables, and chairs. Repurposed furniture pieces can even be that final touch to a farmhouse design, especially if you want to simply repaint something with distressed accents.

Larger statements like these will be what truly presents a well-designed farmhouse interior. It’s all about being open and inviting, embracing a home full of unique history and character; any of these pieces are sure to help you do just that.

When creating your modern and rustic farmhouse interior, remember to have everything in proportion and embrace imperfections. Farmhouse interior design is all about cohesive weathered wood and exposed brickwork, along with miss-matched decor and vintage furniture. Not only will these elements set this interior design apart from others, but they will set your unique home apart from anyone else’s! Are you ready to create your dream farmhouse interior? CORT Furniture Rental can help you fully customize your design plans in no time with our expert team of professionals and designers.