Buying a Home? How to Find the Right One for Your Style

Buying a home may be one of the most exciting things you ever do in life. It’s also a major commitment, so you want to be sure your new home fits your style and personality. With so many options on the market, how do you decide which home to buy? That depends on what you want your home to say about you. First, evaluate your lifestyle, and then learn a little about major architectural styles to find the type of home that fits both your personality and your needs.

Start with Some Self-Evaluation

In order to match your personality and style to an architectural design, begin by asking yourself some questions. Are you sophisticated or down to earth? Do you prefer simplicity or luxury? Do you appreciate a natural or a more decorative style? Do your tastes lean to the modern, or do you prefer vintage goods?

Also consider what’s important to you. Do you care about having the latest trends? Is minimalism your thing, or do you need enough room for all your knick knacks? Do you want a home that’s designed primarily with sustainable materials, or is that a low priority?

Finally, where do you plan on living? Certain home styles lend themselves to different areas. You’re more likely to find a cottage than a Victorian home along the beach, for example. Once you have your answers and ideas on paper, consider how they would fit with the following home styles.


Interested in the latest fashions and trends? Is energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials most important to you? Consider a contemporary home. Contemporary homes may vary in terms of architecture and style, but they share a common focus on a minimal environmental impact. Many heavily incorporate natural light into their final designs. A contemporary home is ideal for anyone who prefers minimalism and the latest trends.


A cottage home is typically a small house with siding made from wood or stone. Other features include a curved entryway and a front walkway. Many cottages offer a vintage feel. If you love the look of wood and stone and you’re looking for a cozy home with quaint architecture and pretty landscaping, this style will be right up your alley.


Are you a lover of architecture? Then you may love the Craftsman bungalow style home. As a style, the Craftsman emerged around the end of the late 19th century. These homes focus on using natural materials, like wood, stone, and brick. Many also feature a wide front porch and a low-pitched roof. If you’re easygoing and like low maintenance, then you’ll love the Craftsman.


If you like elegance, detail, extravagance, and history, consider the grandeur of a Victorian home. This architectural style aims to be as beautiful as it is functional. Some of its many features include ornate detailing and trim, an asymmetrical design, large covered porches, patterned shingles, a steeply pitched roof, and cutaway bay windows.


Mediterranean homes often feature arches, plaster surfaces, and red tile roofs. Balconies, colorful tiles, and heavy wooden doors are also very popular with this type of home. True to its namesake, the Mediterranean home is popular in sunny, warm areas near water. If you decide you prefer a luxury look and a life near the beach, then start shopping for a Mediterranean home.

Home styles vary depending on taste and preference, so it makes sense that furnishings should do the same. CORT Furniture Rental has home furniture and décor to fit a variety of tastes and needs. No matter what you prefer when you’re buying a home, CORT has stylish furnishings to fit your personality.

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