Style Your Home with These 2019 Interior Design Trends

If your home needs a refresh or you need some room décor ideas, then you can’t go wrong by implementing the latest looks. Fortunately, 2019 interior design trends range from adding a pop of bright colors to revamping furniture, but you don’t have to make big changes to bring your style up to date. Adopt one or all of these styles to make your home a trendsetting stop.

Curved Furniture

The furniture of the future is here, and it’s less hard angles and more fluid lines. The rounded trend takes many of its cues from the furniture of the 1970s, but you don’t need to replace all your furnishings to adopt this style. Simply focus on one piece you can add to your collection, like a sofa with curvy arms or a round-back accent chair.

Bold Pops of Color

Decking out a home in neutrals is so last year. In 2019, expect to see more bright, colorful elements added throughout the home. These bright colors don’t have to be just on walls. Switch out your pillows, or add some bold décor for an easy statement look, or take it to the next level with bright color in a bigger area.

“In our remodels, our clients are going for pops of color in kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tile,” says Lisa Willard, a designer in Louisiana. “When decorating, lighter walls with bold color in the décor, such as pillows, rugs, curtains etc., are extremely popular. A lighter backdrop can allow anyone to change up the décor throughout the years.”

Artisanal Pieces

2019 is all about quality craftsmanship. Mass-produced accessories tend to look bland and boring. Rather than reaching for these standard décor items, use one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces to make your home stand out.

“A trend [we’re seeing] is the selection of artisan products where furniture, ironwork, ceramics, light fixtures, textiles, and accessories are designed and created locally by craftsmen,” says Deborah Belcher, an interior designer based out of Middle Tennessee State University. These items don’t have to be large or expensive. Even a small piece adds a unique and interesting flavor to your home décor.

Mix-Matched Style

Worried because you don’t have a matching furniture set? Rest easy; your living room is now officially in style. Creating a room with mix-matched furniture and décor is one way to make your home more personal and less generic. This means it’s fashionable to show off the family heirlooms or hand-me-down furniture that you love, even if they don’t necessarily match the rest of the room.

Sustainable Design

Eco-friendly and sustainable furniture trends are here to stay. “Residential design trends for 2019 include sustainability,” says Belcher. “This means quality products that have sustainable manufacturing processes, are lasting, and can be maintained through generations, and have shipping packaging that can be reused or recycled.” Adding high quality, sustainable products to your home is something you’ll feel good about for a long time.

Green Accents

The eco-friendly pull doesn’t end with the furniture materials. Green accents are popular as a way to further emulate the look and feel of nature within the home. “Using yellow-green and green accents and blending natural scenes in art and photographs are ways to bring the outdoors into our homes,” notes Belcher. If you’d like to boldly try out this new look, add a green sofa to your den. For a subtler touch, opt for a smaller piece like a lamp or vase with a green hue.

Incorporating 2019 interior design trends into your home doesn’t mean you need to rush out and purchase new furniture. CORT Furniture Rental has the furnishings and décor you need to bring your home up to date. With CORT, it’s always easy to give your home a refreshing and trendy new look.

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