Home Staging Choices: Wallpaper or Paint?

The goal of home staging is to make it appeal to the widest number of people, while remaining welcoming and attractive. Ultimately, you want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. Statistically, furnished housing is easier to sell. But furnishings often reflect very specific personal tastes.

Owners will often rely on home furniture rental when their own pieces are especially distinctive in color or style. In addition to furniture rental, another way to add interest and ambiance is through wall treatments. In this area, both wallpaper and paint have their advantages. Here at CORT, we know that these choices are important. Here are some things to think about as you consider your options.

Choosing textured wallpaper can add style and interest while staying within a neutral color palate. Though paint can be textured to achieve similar results, the variety of textures and patterns available in wallpaper far exceed that of paint. These include the use of grasses and other natural materials. Although, in most cases, distinctive colors and patterns may not be the best choice, they can enhance the look of a period home. A wide variety of vintage wallpapers exist for just that purpose.

While wallpaper offers more textural variety, paint holds an advantage if the buyer does not like what he or she sees. It is easier for a person to imagine repainting than to imagine removing wallpaper. So, if the buyer does not like the choice of wall treatment, a painted wall may appear less daunting than a wallpapered one. Likewise, it may be a good choice for those tackling home staging for the first time, since a poor color choice is much easier to change when dealing with paint.

Paint can also have an advantage when it comes to lighting. For example, the right color of paint can bring the freshness of natural light into a room. Similarly, an accent wall may bring intrigue and a sense of style to a room without making it overly personalized.

Whether you choose wallpaper or paint, giving a fresh new look to your walls is a key component to effective home staging.