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Hello, I’m Melanie Jones. I’m a passionate leader and CORT’s National Director, CRE Partnerships. My mission is to support positive change in commercial real estate by sharing a new way to utilize furniture in buildings & the workplace. How? CORT’s Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS) “subscription-like” approach is about access rather than ownership.

Globally, clients can access, rather than purchase, CORT’s many millions of dollars of furniture, thereby helping people and the planet create more sustainability and expand a circular economy.




The model is ideal for swing space projects, spec suites, flexible space, sublease situations, short-term office leases (1-3 years), asset-light operations model, incorporating into sustainability plans, and any situation where a customer (landlord/occupier) has unknowns.

My LinkedIn profile picture captures my spirit; a true Furniture-as-a-Service activist and a frequent writer and speaker on the subject.

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