Pros and Cons of Moving For an Internship

Internships are a great way to get experience in your chosen major or career path. They provide real-life experience and the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals and can make your resume stand out from the crowd when you begin applying for jobs. However, internships can be competitive and limited in availability, so you may consider expanding your search to other cities, states, or countries. We’ll dive into the pros and cons of moving for an internship and cover a few bonus tips for making the most of your internship time.


Pros and Cons of Moving to a New City for an Internship


Moving for an internship is a big decision. Here are a few upsides and drawbacks to moving to another city, state, or country for your internship.


Pro: Relocating for a summer internship can open your opportunities.


There might be few internship options depending on where you live and go to school. You may have more options if you are willing to move to another city or state for your internship. Additionally, there may be opportunities for internships that are more directly related to your major or desired career in other places that are more specialized.

Con: Do internships pay for relocation? Only sometimes.


Relocating for an internship, whether paid or not, is a massive leap of faith. Some highly competitive internship programs may offer housing or compensation for relocation, but it’s often not the case. The reality is that internships are a wide range of experiences – from companies with highly developed programs that treat internships as a pipeline to employment, to employers who view interns as glorified coffee runners. 

You may have room for negotiation, but ultimately, the decision is up to your employer.


Pro: Moving for an internship can expand your network.


In college, you can develop a network of friends, professors, and other associates you can lean on when job hunting after graduation. However, that network can be small and limited to your college town. 


If you move for an internship, however, you can connect with people from outside your college at different levels of their careers – and in various locations. A broader, more diverse network is always a great resource!


Con: Relocating can be lonely if you don’t work at it.


Relocating can be lonely for people at any stage in their careers. It’s especially true if you’re an intern. You may feel isolated from your coworkers who are older than you and more likely to have families and friends established outside of work. 


The temporaryness of an internship can also make it difficult to invest in new friendships and relationships. Finding community and building connections takes work, especially if you’re only in that location for a few weeks or months.


Pro: An internship in another city looks great on your resume.


Besides the fact that an internship is a hands-on experience in your field, moving for an internship can also look great on your resume. 


A future employer may find the fact that you’re willing to travel and go through the complexities of living elsewhere impressive. It shows your dedication and that you’re willing to take bold steps to get experience. Additionally, it provides a great talking point in future interviews.


Con: You can’t stay forever.


You may fall in love with your internship’s location, which can be good or bad. It’s great because it means you’ll likely enjoy the experience. But it can also be a con since you will eventually have to leave. Internships can give you a taste of “real life” after college, and going back to classes and dorms afterward can be challenging for some students.


Bonus Advice for Interns


While considering relocating for an internship, here are a few bonus internship tips to help you make the most of your time.


1. Be prepared.


If you must provide your housing, line it up as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend the days leading up to your internship scrambling for a place to stay. Depending on the length of your internship, a month-to-month lease may be the best option. Look for furnished apartments you can move straight into, or consider furniture rental instead of hauling your belongings back and forth.


2. Network.


Meet as many people with different levels of experience as possible. Getting business cards printed can be helpful so you can hand yours out and make a great first impression. One idea is to get a stack of fifty cards printed and make it a goal to give out every single one! Look for local networking events online, and sign up beforehand if required. And if there are other interns in your office, be sure to connect with them, too.


3. Be bold.


The purpose of this internship is for you to get hands-on experience in your field, so take advantage of any opportunities you can. Ask plenty of questions, introduce yourself to your coworkers, and be the first to take on that extra project or challenge.


4. Follow up.


After your internship is finished, be sure to send personalized thank you notes to your supervisor and anyone else that you worked with closely. If it seems appropriate, you can also ask if connecting with them on LinkedIn is okay. If you think you’d like to apply for jobs at that company in the future or use those people as references, keeping in touch with them can be crucial.


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