What Is Circular Sustainability?

April is Earth Month, which makes it a great time to work on your sustainability knowledge. Today’s topic? Circularity. You may be wondering: What is a circular economy? We’ll cover that, CORT’s role in circularity, and more. Get ready – class is in session!

What Is Circularity in Sustainability?

Circularity refers to the sustainability concept in which materials and items, especially hard-to-recycle items, are kept in circulation instead of being discarded.

Think of a standard economy, where you purchase something, use it, and throw it away, as linear – it’s a straight line from the “birth” of the product to its “death” in the trash.

On the other hand, a circular economy, or “circularity,” is more like a circle. The item is created and purchased as usual. But instead of being discarded at the end of its life – thus ending the line – the product is kept in use for as long as possible through reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and recycling. The focus is on preserving resources that can still be used instead of throwing them away.

Here are a few real-world examples of circularity:

  • A brewery gives their spent grains to a farm for animal feed
  • A clothing brand accepts their old clothing back once the consumer is finished with it and uses those items to make new products
  • A shoe manufacturer creates a type of shoe that can be returned and ground up to create a new pair of shoes
  • An electronics company allows customers to return their old products for credit towards a new one, then either refurbishes or recycles components

You can even perpetuate the circular economy in your own home:

  • Save vegetable scraps for making broth
  • Keep used coffee grounds for making your own skincare, plant fertilizer, and compost
  • Repurpose a plastic or glass container, like a jelly jar, for food storage
  • Instead of throwing an object away when you no longer need it, trade with a neighbor for something that you can use

How Does CORT Participate in Circularity?

CORT’s model of furniture rental participates in circularity in two different ways: by renting furniture multiple times and giving the furniture and decor a second life through CORT Furniture Outlet. Circular furniture solutions like these align with the principles of sustainability by extending the lifespan of furniture, reducing waste, and minimizing environmental impact. Let’s break this down further.

CORT Furniture Rental is inherently sustainable and circular.

To start, we invest in furnishings manufactured to CORT Construction Standards so they hold up to multiple moves and multiple uses. We then employ furniture experts trained in the art of handling and maintaining the furnishings throughout their rental life at CORT. Then, by renting furniture, we help reduce waste. Reusing furniture until the end of its life as a rental means we keep furniture that is only needed temporarily out of the landfill.

For example, if someone only needs their furniture for a short stint as they relocate for work, they may not have any other option than to dispose of it when they move. By renting furniture instead, they simply return it to CORT at the end of their use, and we clean, repair, and rent the furniture again.

Sustainability Fact: CORT products are rented anywhere from two to six times, for a total of three to four years on average!

CORT’s furniture isn’t thrown away at the end of its rental life.

Once a piece of furniture is no longer suitable for rental, it’s once again cleaned and repaired by our team of experts. However, it doesn’t go back into the rental cycle – it goes to a CORT Furniture Outlet.

At CORT Furniture Outlet, the furniture and décor move into a new life cycle as furniture owned by end-users. CORT Furniture Outlet items are sold at a discounted price. Once the items enter a home, we encourage users to keep them as long as possible. If the item is no longer useful for them, we offer guides on upcycling and updating furniture for even further use. Eco-friendly decorating is simpler than you might think!

Rent Furniture From CORT

Circularity is a sustainability model that can help keep high-quality goods in use for longer and find new uses for them once’they’re no longer useful in the same way. Renting from CORT is a great way to participate in circularity while making your home look great in the process!

How does CORT work? Find the furniture and decor you’ll need to create a comfortable, vibrant living space by browsing online or heading into your local CORT Furniture Rental Showroom. Enjoy Furniture on Your Terms™ – choose your lease term and the furniture package that best suits your space, budget, and needs. We’ll deliver and set up your furniture and take it away when you no longer need it.

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