Top 8 Summer Jobs for Students

Summer is approaching, and if you aren’t applying for internships, it’s time to start hunting for a seasonal job. You might be wondering how to find a summer job as a college student. The first step is to decide what kind of job you want! Summer jobs range from traditional, like waiting tables, to more creative, such as working as a whitewater rafting guide. Whether you’re looking for something tame and flexible or to have a great story for your roommates in the fall, here are a few of our top summer jobs for college students.

1. Foodservice Industry

Working in the service industry is a rite of passage for college students, and for good reason. Not only do service industry jobs offer variety — from barista gigs to line cook jobs, white tablecloth servers to ice cream scoopers — but they also provide valuable life lessons. Your time management skills will improve, you’ll learn how to navigate tricky customer situations, and you might even pick up some skills like cooking, wine tasting, or pulling a perfect shot of espresso. Some jobs will also let you pick up shifts on your holiday breaks.

2. Retail

If food service isn’t your thing, working in a retail shop is another “traditional” college job. You can find stores that fit your specific interests, including bike shops, bookstores, apparel stores, video game shops, and more. Like food service, retail will help you gain experiences that prepare you for post-graduation employment.

3. Camp Staff

Working at summer camp is one of the ultimate seasonal summer jobs. Summer camps often offer flexible employment over just one or multiple sessions, come with housing, and include other benefits such as food and designated days off. They’re frequently in beautiful places and have a range of positions, such as counselors, administration, medical assistants, food preparation, and more. Plus, you might just perfect the art of the friendship bracelet!

4. Academic Tutor

Are you more interested in one-on-one interactions over customer service? Consider tutoring. Your college may offer formal tutoring programs that you can enroll in for class credit or programs associated with local high schools. If you aren’t staying local to your college during the summer, you may want to offer freelance tutoring services to friends and family.

5. Gig Work, Like Rideshare or Food Delivery

If you’re taking summer classes, flexibility is an absolute must. Gig work — such as driving for rideshare, food delivery, or grocery shopping — can allow you the flexibility to go to classes while still earning money. Plus, with app-driven services like this, you can continue picking up shifts throughout the year if you need a little extra cash.

6. Outdoors Guide

Do you want summer seasonal jobs that include a healthy dose of adventure? Become a guide! Whitewater rafting guiding jobs are incredibly popular amongst college students, and many offer free training courses if you sign an employment contract. Many guide outfitters have employee housing options, and you may have the opportunity to return each summer. If rafting isn’t your thing, there are plenty of seasonal jobs in fishing, horseback riding, and even national parks.

7. Vacation Rental Cleaner

Summertime is popular for travel, so vacation rentals like Airbnb and VRBO are in constant demand. Look for a local cleaning service and see if they need employees, or if there isn’t one, start your own! If you plan to offer your service year-round or next summer, be sure to collect testimonials from satisfied customers.

8. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Are you the kind of person who finds the host’s dogs and cats to hang out with when you go to a party? Pet sitting and dog walking might be for you. Many pet sitters operate out of popular apps such as Rover. While there is a vetting process and background check for Rover, they also provide insurance and scheduling services that can give you (and pet owners) peace of mind. Pet sitting and dog walking also offer flexibility, a chance to get some exercise, and time to play with furry friends that you may not have otherwise!

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