College Life: 4 Benefits of Off-Campus Living

On campus or off — that is the question. For many college students, figuring out the best place to live is a no-brainer. In fact, roughly 87 percent of college students enjoy off campus living in the United States — and for good reason. Although dorm living has some perks, including convenient proximity to classes and the opportunity to make friends, the majority of college students believe the benefits of living off campus outweigh the convenience of dorm living. 

Curious if off campus living is for you? Check out these four benefits and decide for yourself. 

More Space, More Privacy

Everyone has probably heard at least one horror story about the tiny postage-stamp-sized dorm that a friend (or friend of a friend) was horrified by on move-in day. Even for those lucky enough to score a suite, there’s hardly enough living space to go around. Off campus living gives you the luxury of choosing your apartment. In return, you get more square footage and far more privacy and personal space, thanks to fewer humans sharing your living space.

Instant Life Skills

Voltaire (and Spider-Man’s Peter Parker many years later) once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” That holds true for off campus living. You enjoy the power and independence of living on your own without an RA in sight, but that also means you have to quickly learn how to adult. You’re responsible for asking the right questions before signing your lease. Once you’re settled, you get to set your own rules or agree to house rules with your roommate. It also forces you to quickly immerse yourself in developing life skills, such as:

  • Budgeting and paying bills
  • Cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping
  • Troubleshooting apartment mishaps
  • Communicating with your landlord and other professionals who come to install utilities, perform repairs or make improvements

The Taste of Freedom

While dorm living is all about the dining hall, living off campus in college puts you squarely in the position of “head chef.” More food options and the ability to cook for yourself encourages healthy eating habits and lets you customize your menu to suit your own taste buds. Off campus living also gives you more options to entertain (dinner party, anyone?), and you may even live closer to local restaurants, giving you more options when you don’t feel like cooking. Sounds delicious, right?

Peace and Quiet

Having space that’s all your own makes it easier to enjoy a little “me” time. It also gives you fewer distractions when you need to study or work on a big paper or project. After all, you don’t always want to head to the library or an on-campus study spot. You can set up your own spot right at home. 

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