College Tips and Tricks: Desk Organization Ideas for Better Studying

When it comes to studying, having a dedicated and efficient workspace is crucial. While it helps to have the right desk, it’s also important to keep your desk neat and organized. If things are tidy in your study space, hopefully they will be tidy in your brain too. Consider these helpful desk organization ideas before you hit the books.

Drawer Decluttering and Prioritization

In many cases, your desk drawers are the largest storage components. To keep messy drawers at bay and find exactly what you need quickly, use storage bins with a number of different compartments. With these handy organizers, you can separate essentials like pens, pencils, neon highlighters, sticky notes, index cards, staples, and paper clips. Also, be sure to put the most important and most used items in either the top drawer or the one closest to your computer mouse — you’ll be reaching for those the most.

Keep Things Separate

Use magazine files to separate notebooks and folders, and mount floating shelves above your desk to hold your textbooks. Situate a small filing cabinet on the side of your desk to store computer supplies and printer paper, and attach binder clips to your keyboard drawer to keep electrical cords neat and tidy. Finally, stash a small garbage can under your desk for convenience.

Hang Everything

Free up desk space by hanging file baskets, pen cups, documents, memos, photos — you name it — from utility bar clips. Switch up what goes where by simply sliding and clipping. Even desk décor needs rearranging now and again. Hanging file baskets for extra storage keeps the mess off the desktop, leaving more room to work and spread out your study materials.

Keep It All Handy

The best places to study are those with the fewest distractions. You should definitely take breaks, but you don’t want to derail yourself entirely from the task at hand. By keeping everything you need within arm’s reach of your desk, you minimize the number of times you have to get up to grab something. Consider keeping a stash of “study snacks” in one of the bins so that you don’t have to interrupt your study session for fuel.

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