3 Ways to Be Productive Over Your College Christmas Break

Fall semester is over, and it’s time to head home for your college Christmas break. With more than a month away from classes and campus, it’s easy to fall into a routine of eating, sleeping and socializing. While it’s great to relax for a few days, winter break also offers plenty of opportunities for more productive and engaging activities. Consider these worthwhile things to do in December — and skip the Netflix binge.

Add Some Cash to Your Account

Need some extra spending money for the holidays or your spring semester? Check your local paper for employers who need seasonal workers, or find a short-term internship in your career field with a company in your community. Not only will you learn something, you’ll pocket some cash along the way. And, don’t rule out a shadowing experience, either. Sometimes the best opportunities are those that don’t pay any money at all.

Give Back

Helping those less fortunate is what the holiday season is all about, so think about volunteering your time and giving back to your community during your college Christmas break. Beyond donating your time, you’ll make a difference in people’s lives in ways you may never realize. You can use your volunteer opportunities to form new friendships with fellow volunteers, and it’s a great way to gain experience for your resume. Whether it’s serving food at a soup kitchen, playing with dogs at an animal shelter, or building houses with Habitat for Humanity, giving back is a fantastic way to spend your downtime.

New Year, New Place, New You

As January 1 quickly approaches, it’s time to ensure you’re ready for whatever the New Year will bring. If you’re planning on changing your living situation in the spring—perhaps moving out of the dorms and into your own apartment—it’s a good idea to get ahead of spring cleaning with a “winter clean.” Stay organized next semester by clearing the clutter while you have the time.

Sell any unwanted items like clothes or used electronics (cell phones or tablets) to a secondhand store or technology shop to earn quick cash. After the clutter is gone, you may be surprised by how much it was affecting your stress levels.

Once you’ve purged all your unnecessary items, it will make any move much easier. But to make any potential move even more effortless, consider CORT Furniture Rental when thinking about how you’ll furnish your new place. CORT offers affordable student furniture packages, and will deliver and set up all your new furniture for you, then pick it up when you’re ready for your next big move. This allows you to focus on what counts: studying (and having fun, of course).

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