Bright Ideas: 30 Day Declutter Challenge

No matter how on-point your style may be, it’s hard to appreciate it under a mountain of messiness and disorganization. Not only do streamlined, organized spaces highlight your home’s style better, they also benefit your overall wellbeing. Less clutter is also the best way to make sure your home is a relaxing sanctuary that you look forward to returning to after a long day.

Staying organized is an essential part of developing healthy habits. Think about it this way. If your kitchen has a sink filled with dishes, it discourages you from eating at home, but if your dishes are clean and neatly put away, then you’re more likely to feel inspired to stay and cook something healthy.

Experts contend that decluttering leads to better living, with benefits that range from increased productivity to decrease stress and anxiety — not to mention improved health from sounder sleep and fewer dust particles and toxins in the air. After decluttering, you might find you can concentrate better, tap more fully into your creativity, and boost your mood. Letting go of the past and getting rid of the stuff you don’t need has a huge psychological impact.

Purging the excess sounds easy, but when you’re struggling with clutter, it can feel overwhelming. This 30 day declutter challenge breaks the process down into manageable chunks that let you move from room to room, achieving small victories along the way. With a little forward momentum every day, you might be surprised at how much you can accomplish in just one month. This declutter your home checklist from CORT will help you redesign your space into a happy, healthy environment that’s serene and jam-packed with style — not stuff.