How To Make a Luxurious Apartment Walk-In Closet

A walk-in closet is many a homeowner and renter’s dream — and for a good reason.  Homes and apartments with walk-in closets are in demand. After all, who wouldn’t want to replicate the feel of a personalized boutique just within steps of their bedroom?  Stepping into a well-done walk-in closet can easily transform your morning routine and set the tone for your day. While not all of us have the mega-luxury of dedicating an entire room to our wardrobe, you can still achieve your Carrie Bradshaw-inspired dream walk-in closet.

Read on for easy-to-implement tips and tricks for how to make a walk-in closet into a functional and enjoyable space. Here are ways to update your apartment walk-in closet and turn it into an organizational dream.

1. Get Organized and Evaluate Your Wardrobe

The best tip we can give you: get organized before you start. Purge your closet. Tap into your inner Marie Kondo and evaluate your current wardrobe situation. Take careful note of each item: does it bring you joy? Do you currently wear this item? If not, it’s likely time to retire it. Collect the items you’re no longer loving (or using) and consider donating or reselling them. Once you’ve pared down your wardrobe, you’re ready to tackle closet storage solutions. 

2. Hanging Storage: Hooks, Hangers, and Racks

You’ve purged, but even so, you may find that your walk-in or reach-in closet seems to be flowing over. Wondering how to organize a small walk-in closet? Take a peek at your closet and determine which type of storage you’re in most need of. No hanging closet space? A rolling rack can do the trick while showing off your style and adding a boutique feel.   

If you’re sharing your closet and in need of his and hers walk-in closet ideas, turn to your negative wall space. Additional wall space in your closet area is prime real estate for hooks and shelving. Get vertical and incorporate strategically placed hooks to hang purses, scarves, and ties to free up space. Doing so will free up your existing shelving space and prevent your closet from looking cluttered. 

3. Amplify your Floor Space

Wondering what to do with off-season shoes,  clothing, and bedding? The floor space underneath your hanging items is a great place to conveniently store your “extras” (particularly if overhead shelving is not an option). With your off-season items tucked away, you won’t have to sift through bulky sweaters in search of your favorite sundress — your seasonal favorites will all be at eye level and easy to access. 

Shoe racks or tensions rods make it easy to access the things you wear daily while keeping what you love most in plain sight. Once you’ve got room underfoot, lay down an eye-catching rug or runner to add style and softness. 

4. Add in Practical Furniture Items: Bookcases, Desks, Chairs, and More 

Adding furniture to your walk-in is a must for achieving a glamorous look and feel — not to mention, it’s practical. Use furniture as freely as you’d like and to best suit your space and needs. 

Start by thinking outside the box: a bookcase doesn’t have to hold just books. Showcase shoes on an open bookcase or wall unit and use dividers to create different cubbies. Need somewhere to store folded jeans, tees, or hats? Fold and display your favorites in a stylish bookcase. For a decorative touch, consider topping your bookcase with decor to liven up the room without compromising on space.

A dresser can be incorporated into your space for additional folding storage — and topped with your beauty essentials, faux plants, decor, or light fixtures. The right-sized dresser serves a number of purposes more than just storing clothing. A closet dresser is a great surface for jewelry and watch stands and serves as a place to fold clothes.

Ever dreamt of having a celebrity-worthy glam room? You’ll want a walk-in closet with a vanity.  Consider using a small desk as a vanity and fix a mirror to the wall. You’ll soon be thrilled to sit down to complete your morning (and evening) self-care routine. 

Got additional room to spare? A dining table can serve as a luxurious and eye-catching closet island perfect for displaying and storing your accessories and essentials while luxurious extras like a bench, ottoman, vanity chair, or lounge chair provide room to lounge and unwind. 

5. Add Some Shine and Illumination With Mirrors and Lighting

You don’t want to look like you got dressed in the dark — so bring on lighting and mirrors! Strategically placed decorative mirrors serve a two-fold purpose in your closet: they’ll help make your space look larger and allow you to check your ‘fit from all angles. 

Love showing off your purses and jewelry? Need to make sure you’re making a good match? Hanging a wired lighting fixture brings light to your favorite pieces. Think over the top chandelier to add to the character of your space. If big and bold isn’t your thing (or just isn’t practical), under-cabinet lights or lamps are perfect for those dark early mornings. 

6. Don’t Forget Decor 

While practicality is most often at the forefront of closet design, there’s certainly space for incorporating a splash of style. Get inspired for the day and add finishing touches to your space by honing in on decorative details. Cover your bare walls with artwork, photographs, decorative mirrors, or even a gallery wall combining the three. Have additional space? Incorporate faux plants for a touch of greenery. Want to create a lounge feel? Drape your walk-in closet bench, ottoman, vanity chair, or lounge chair with a throw and decorative pillows

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