Gallery Wall Ideas to Transform Your Living Space 

While the sleek, empty walls popularized by a minimalist style certainly have their place in modern homes, there’s a reason gallery wall art is a classic trend that’s seeing a resurgence. Gallery-style arrangements of family photos, artistic prints, or even textiles can completely alter the look of a room and can make a dramatic statement—no matter the size of your space. If you’re staring down a large, blank wall in your home, consider it your new canvas.

With so many tempting gallery wall ideas, the challenge is merely choosing the perfect style.

A Classic Gallery

A classic gallery involves hanging a group of photographs or pieces of artwork in an organic arrangement. There’s freedom to play with the shape and form of the overall collection, as well as to pair different frames and styles for a more eclectic look.

To make sure your gallery appears cohesive instead of cluttered, find an element that ties the pieces together, like a color palette, theme, or aesthetic style.

Classic gallery wall idea featuring simple frames above a wooden entry table

Show Off with a Salon

A salon-style gallery expands on the look of a classic display with a collection that’s arranged from floor to ceiling. This style works especially well on a smaller wall that’s set apart from the other walls of a room, as well as on the wall of a staircase.

Whether you’re a serious art collector or you’ve simply accumulated a lot of family photos over the years, the salon style is also an ideal choice for a bigger display with many pieces to arrange.

Gallery wall in home office, featuring a mirror, artwork, and notecards

Stay Tidy with a Grid

If you like the idea of the gallery look but don’t love the lack of uniformity, a grid-style gallery display is perfect for you. To achieve this look, use artwork or photographs in matching or similar frames that are all nearly the same size. Then measure your space and hang your pieces in rows, allowing 2 to 3 inches between each piece. This clean look adds a wow-factor to almost any room.

Grid-style gallery wall idea featuring small canvas prints of teacups

What to Hang

To get started with your gallery display, take a look through the artwork you already have. Can you identify a theme or style across several pieces that ties them together? In addition to grouping artwork by subject, you can also make gorgeous gallery displays using a collection of family photographs, antique or vintage finds, or children’s drawings.

In a classic or salon gallery, don’t feel limited to framed pieces. Other forms of hangable artwork, like textiles, 3-D ceramics, or mirrors, add personality and can break up the collection with different shapes, sizes, or colors.

Choose Your Space

With so many options, how can you choose the perfect look? After you take inventory of your artwork, size up the space you want to use for your gallery. A bare wall that can hold its own as a focal point of a room is great for a salon-style collection. Grid displays look fantastic hanging above a couch or behind a desk. If you have a smaller collection, then you may want to opt for a classic gallery display.

There are plenty of great ways to arrange your pieces in your home, and with so many variables, a gallery can suit almost any style. No matter which form you choose, these gallery wall ideas offer a memorable way to show off your artwork while setting a new tone for your living space.

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