Transforming Nonprofit Workspaces for Success

In the realm of nonprofit organizations, which are instrumental in advocating for important causes and supporting communities, navigating financial constraints, staffing issues, and mission advancement can be challenging. At CORT, we understand these obstacles and are committed to providing tailored furniture rental solutions to empower nonprofits in overcoming these challenges effectively.

Addressing Financial Constraints with Cost-effective Solutions

Nonprofits often operate within tight budgets, where managing expenses is crucial for sustainability. According to FORVIS’s 2024 State of the Nonprofit Sector Report, 71% of surveyed nonprofits are experiencing increased demand for services alongside financial challenges. CORT’s furniture rental solutions, offered through Sourcewell, provide significant cost savings on furniture procurement and maintenance. This strategic partnership enables nonprofits to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring a conducive and functional workspace without the burden of high upfront costs. Through CORT Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS), nonprofits gain access to stylish and adaptable office furniture that supports their mission while optimizing costs and flexibility.

Banner with quote from Todd Simpson, CORT Strategic Business Development Managing Director, that reads: “In 2023, I worked with a non-profit client that was consolidating locations across the U.S. from 250 to 115. This same client told me, “I have more furniture than I know what to do with, which is why I'm not going to buy it anymore.” Part of their real estate strategy was to execute subleases and shorter term leases as they consolidated these locations. This client was able to use Furniture-as-a-Service exclusively for those spaces.”

Fostering Innovation with Inspiring Workspaces

Nonprofits are at the forefront of societal change, making things like workplace design a necessary support in driving creativity and collaboration. Investing in professional and welcoming work environments not only enhances productivity but also strengthens engagement with stakeholders and the public.

The CORT Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS) model empowers nonprofits to create dynamic and inspiring workspaces that encourage innovation and teamwork. From versatile training tables to comfortable lounge areas, our furniture rental solutions cater to the evolving needs of nonprofit organizations, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and missions thrive.

Building Public Engagement with Engaging Environments

Capturing and retaining public attention is crucial for nonprofit success. CORT supports nonprofits in creating distinctive and engaging spaces that resonate with stakeholders and community members. Whether it’s outfitting conference rooms, open work areas, or communal spaces, our furniture solutions elevate nonprofit environments, reflecting organizational values and fostering a sense of community.

Strengthening Nonprofit Impact with CORT’s Furniture Rental Solutions

CORT is dedicated to supporting nonprofits through tailored furniture rental solutions that address key challenges in the workplace. By partnering with us, nonprofits can optimize their workspace, enhance public engagement, and ultimately strengthen their impact on society. Explore how CORT’s furniture rental solutions can transform your nonprofit’s workspace into a dynamic and cost-effective environment aligned with your mission and goals. Together, let’s redefine workspaces for a brighter future.