Monochrome Interior Design: One Color, Countless Wows!

Monochromatic spaces prove that less can truly be more when it comes to color. Focusing on one hue when decorating a space can create harmony, cohesion, and intentionality — when done correctly, that is. If you’re considering monochrome interior design for your home, check out these tips to ensure your space doesn’t fall flat.

What does monochrome mean?

The word monochrome literally means one color. Monochromatic decorating consists of using a single color throughout a space, making a big visual impact. That said, monochromatic decorating does not mean getting overly matchy-matchy and plastering the room with one singular shade. Instead, the key is incorporating different shades, tints, and versions of your chosen hue! For example, a blue monochromatic room might actually mean a color palette of cerulean, lapis lazuli, cobalt, and navy.

Create interest with varied shades, textures, and accent pieces.

As previously mentioned, monochromatic rooms should embrace color mixing with several variations of the same color, creating visual interest through tone, tint, and so on. Beyond color, juxtaposing various textures – like linen, velvet, wicker, leather, and so on – can create depth. Lastly, quirky accent pieces are a fun way to add interest to a space drenched in a single color.

Consider the mood and purpose of the room.

It’s no secret that different colors can evoke very different feelings and moods; for example, a neon pink probably doesn’t feel the same as a soft gray. Keep this in mind as you decorate spaces with specific purposes, like bedrooms and the living room. Additionally, consider how you’ll be using and living in the space. Love hosting cozy, candlelit dinners in your dining room? This may be the perfect spot for a rich, bold jewel tone. Have a room that is seriously lacking any natural light? Consider how this general darkness may impact the colors you use.

In general, the larger the surface, the softer the shade.

A good rule of thumb is to use the more subdued, softer variations of the color for larger areas, such as wall paint color, king-sized beds, and stately sectionals. Then, you can use the bolder, darker shades as accents and eye-catching “pops” throughout the room.

Incorporate mirrored and metallic elements.

Adding mirrored or metallic pieces in the space, such as a gorgeous mirrored coffee table or metallic floor lamps, has the double benefit of creating depth next to the room’s softer textures while also reflecting the room’s colors. This is a beautiful way to add a unique accent piece without branching away from the overall monochromatic color scheme.

Break up a monochromatic space with blacks and whites (and other neutrals).

By incorporating neutral colors throughout your space, you’ll give your eyes a visual “rest.” Blacks add depth and intensity to a space, while whites and lighter-colored neutrals naturally lighten things up. Neutrals allow your chosen monochromatic color palette to shine while preventing the room from feeling overwhelming.

When painting, keep the sheen of the paint in mind.

When you’re considering monochromatic painting ideas, it’s common to paint the walls, baseboards, molding, and doors all one color. To avoid all of your vertical space from blurring together into one visually boring blob, it’s important to use paints with different sheens on each piece. For example, using matte paint on the wall and a gloss or semi-gloss on your molding will make light reflect differently, helping to visually distinguish the different parts of your walls. 

Be true to yourself and your design preferences.

At the end of the day, always remember that this is a space you’re going to live with day in and day out. If you’re going to go “all in” on a color, make sure it’s one you truly love. Before you paint your walls that dark, moody color you saw in an interior design magazine, consider how you use the space and the feelings you want it to evoke. If you love monochromatic interior design in theory but aren’t sure if you’ll love it in reality, start with a small space first.

Whether you choose to decorate with solid green, blue, red, or any other color of the rainbow, monochromatic is a sophisticated, striking style for your home.

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