How to Find the Right Color Palette for Your Living Room

The goal? Make your living room feel cohesive through a beautiful color palette. What we want to avoid? Matchy-matchy color coordination. After all, you’re not ten years old anymore! Discover how to incorporate beautiful, complementary colors into your living room for a mature look.

Find Your Zen with Blue

Blue-themed living room with view of an ocean mountains outside of large windows.Blue is associated with calm and serenity, and being surrounded by this shade can result in lower heart rates and a slower metabolism. If you want your living room to be a soothing oasis where you can retreat from the stressors of everyday life, blue may just be the color for you.

While blue might be known for its relaxing effects, it is by no means boring. You can use this lovely color to create blue living room color schemes that can range from classic to modern and everywhere in between.

To get started, you might choose a sofa in a neutral color as your living room’s versatile “little black dress” and layer on shades of blue to fit your unique style. If you’re after a relaxing mood, you might add some jewel-tone throw pillows and a dark blue area rug to create a cozy, more traditional feel.

If a more contemporary style is what you’re after, you might pair your neutral sofa with a textured blue rug layered atop another rug in a complementary shade for a more eclectic effect. Finish the look with a colorful accent chair and unique wall art that incorporates warmer tones for a more energetic atmosphere.

Go Au-naturel with Brown

Modern living room decorate with brown leather furniture.

Another living room color scheme idea that shouldn’t be overlooked — the versatile shades of brown. This natural color is associated with earthy atmospheres, and it’s no surprise that it brings feelings of warmth, comfort, and security. Brown is also a neutral shade, which means it pairs well with a wide range of colors, allowing you to create a brown living room color scheme that reflects your unique style.

One of the most common ways to incorporate brown into your living room is with a classic leather sofa, which pairs well with various accessories and design styles. For a modern farmhouse feel, you can pair the richness of the brown leather with the crisp white of an accent table and the clean lines of a shelf that mixes the textures of metal and wood.

If you love a bit of romance, you’re in luck. Brown pairs wonderfully with shades of pink. The two warm hues blend harmoniously to create a feminine feel when various shades of pink are repeated throughout the space using throw pillows, framed artwork, area rugs, and even plants.

Create a Contemporary Oasis in Gray

Gray sofa with yellow, black, and blue accent pillows.

The elegant and sophisticated shades of gray pair well with just about any color palette. It creates a quiet and calm atmosphere — whether you have a large and airy space or a more compact living area. Again, by starting a sofa in a neutral gray, you can mix and match living room accessories to create just about any design aesthetic you prefer.

For timeless elegance, pair your gray sofa with softer, neutral shades. A white accent chair, a few subtly textured throw pillows, and a well-chosen area rug in a lighter tone combine to create a calming haven in your home. If a more cheerful ambiance is your thing, try pairing that gray sofa with chipper yellow and blue tones throughout the space by incorporating bright artwork, unique accent chairs, and adding a mirror or two to bring in more light.

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