Empowering Government Agencies with Strategic Furniture Solutions

Every organization faces operational challenges, but government agencies and the military operate within unique parameters. Unlike private organizations, they answer to the public, and their budgets represent the collective investment of taxpayers. Recent issues like talent shortages and the COVID-19 pandemic have heightened these pressures.

Public officials and employees must stay focused on operational efficiency and budget maximization. At CORT, we recognize the critical role these agencies play in our lives. We are proud to partner with government and military offices to create flexible workspaces that align with budgetary constraints while meeting operational needs. By renting our high-quality furniture, you save money, gain flexibility, and can adapt to temporary assignments and unique situations.

Addressing Government Agencies’ Operational Challenges

Paint Point: Budget and Asset Management

Government agencies operate on tax dollars, leading to stringent budget constraints and the need for efficient asset management, especially amidst task force initiatives, renovations, and departmental expansions.

CORT’s Solution: As our Government Account Executive Samey Charapp highlights, “CORT can fit within their budget while helping them create the vision they want.” Our services provide high-quality furniture through rental along with maintenance and repair, significantly reducing operational costs and boosting productivity by minimizing disruptions. Our flexible lease terms allow agencies to optimize asset usage, lower costs, and conserve budgets. We are not just a furniture provider but a full-service partner, available for any duration to fulfill a wide range of needs.

Pain Point: Operational Flexibility and Efficiency

According to the 2023 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, 58% of federal employees do not work at their agency’s headquarters, with many participating in telework. Remote and hybrid work models necessitate agile adaptations without incurring downtime or operational delays.

CORT’s Solution: CORT provides responsive service in both the United States and the United Kingdom, enabling agencies to meet internal and external requirements swiftly. This ensures maximum operational momentum and minimal downtime, crucial for maintaining government efficiency.

Enhancing Government Workspaces and Assignments

Pain Point: Support for Personnel on Temporary Assignments

Temporary employees, hired for special projects or to manage workload surges, require support in finding accommodations and personalizing their living spaces.

CORT’s Solution: CORT offers comprehensive solutions for personnel on temporary assignments, assisting with apartment searches and personalized furnishings, down to the home essentials. Our attentive customer service and prompt delivery is to ensure an stress-free setup, allowing employees to focus on their assignments without worrying about their living arrangements.

Pain Point: Environmental Considerations and Long-term Cost Savings

Furniture waste is a pressing environmental concern in the U.S., contributing to resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and overflowing landfills. Government agencies are now facing increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices and reduce the long-term costs of asset ownership, which includes the storage and maintenance of unused furniture.

CORT’s Solution: CORT’s rental model is a step towards addressing these issues. By offering on-demand access to high-quality furniture, CORT helps to decrease the environmental footprint that comes with mass furniture production and purchase. The flexibility of CORT’s services allows agencies to tailor their furniture inventory to their current needs, thus reducing excess stock and the associated long-term costs.

The foundation of CORT’s approach is the circular economy. Unlike the traditional ‘take-make-dispose’ model, the circular economy transforms waste into a resource for future use. CORT’s Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS) is a manifestation of this model, facilitating the reuse of furniture through rental and resale, thereby reducing waste and extending the lifespan of each piece.

In addition, CORT’s commitment to quality and durability, embodied in the CORT Construction Standards™, ensures that their furniture can withstand multiple cycles of use. Once a piece of furniture completes its rental cycle, it undergoes a rigorous inspection and cleaning process before being made available for the next cycle.

When a piece of furniture no longer meets rental standards, it is prepared for sale at one of the CORT Furniture Outlet locations, thereby extending its usefulness and keeping it out of landfills.

National Impact and Commitment to Government Operations

Pain Point: Nationwide Support

With over 439 government agencies spread across the U.S., reliable nationwide support is essential.

CORT’s Solution: As America’s National Furniture Rental Company, CORT delivers quality and convenience from more than 100 showrooms nationwide, ensuring consistent support no matter your location.

Fostering Operational Excellence with CORT

Government agencies and military offices operate under intense pressure to stay under budget. They must do so while remaining flexible, accommodating special projects, temporary workers, and employees with hybrid schedules or those who work remotely. On top of everything, they must meet environmental standards and be mindful of the growing importance of sustainability.

To do all of this, they require a national partner who is uniquely positioned to support these objectives.  CORT’s rental solutions can do this and more. We offer solutions that can help you streamline operations, support personnel, and achieve your budgetary and environmental goals.

Transform your agency’s operational efficiency and support your personnel with CORT’s flexible furniture solutions. Contact us today to discover how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs and objectives.