Mountains Or Beach? It’s a Style Showdown!

Beach or mountains? This question can be as much of a personality test as a Myers-Briggs! But these two locations aren’t just a vacation choice. They can also make great design languages. Whether you’re a lover of mountains trying to bring that vibe into your home, an ocean-obsessed decorator, or somewhere in between, here are a few different ways you can play with these styles.



Channel the great outdoors and turn your bedroom into a retreat. Stick to an earthy palette with plenty of browns, greens, and grays. In summer, implement natural fabrics like linen in those earthy colors for a comfortable, warm-weather environment. In the winter, pile up the flannel, down, and sherpa.

Embrace natural materials for your furniture, as well. Wood is a timeless staple that can help ground your bedframe, dresser, and side tables in the woodsy-mountain look. Don’t forget to add mountain home decor, like wall art of your favorite ski resorts, high peaks, and photos of your high-altitude adventures.


Nothing says “relaxation” like beach-themed decor, which makes it the perfect style for your bedroom. If you’re going for a general coastal look, cool neutrals like white, beige, navy, and gray are your friends. Use breezy fabrics like cotton and linen and pair them with mellow seaside wall art.

If you’re looking for more nautical decor, lean heavier into colors like navy with white and red accents. Details are key here: Nautical decor like ship-themed wall art, heavier canvas fabrics, and antique or brass hardware on bedroom furniture pull the nautical look together.

Living Room


The living room is the centerpiece of your modern mountain house. Lean into your outdoorsy theme with more earthy colors and natural materials. Stick to light colors like a sage green sofa and wildflower-inspired accents for a brighter look. Try a leather sofa and heavier wood furniture for a more rustic cabin look.

Be sure to embrace the comfy mountain feel with plenty of rugs, pillows, and blankets. Whether or not you have a fireplace to blaze in the winter, everyone can enjoy a cozy, snowy evening together.


Bright natural light is a must-have for a beachy living room. Opt for gauzy curtains that let in as much light as possible. Much like the bedroom, the living room is a great place to embrace the colors of a sandy beach and ocean with beige and blues. Invest in lamps with warm-colored bulbs if natural light is limited.

A soft cotton sofa pairs well with glass accent tables, and make sure to have plentiful seating. Striped accents work well in this theme — you can try using those in throw pillows or blankets. Don’t forget the beachy knickknacks to add a personal touch to the room, like family photos and souvenirs from your favorite trips.

Home Office


Work is stressful enough; why not bring in a nice reminder of your favorite adventures? Hang a photo of your favorite peaks above your desk, and fill your shelves with plants. If you lack natural light, use a lamp to brighten the space. Stick to cool colors, like a lovely mountain gray, to up the chill factor. Don’t forget an extra bookcase for all of your travel guides.


Bring the zen of the ocean to your home office. Chill colors like light blue make a soothing palette for working from home — use this shade on the walls, accent furniture, and even curtains. Welcome in natural light, and stick to lighter colors for your desk and chair

Work in a noisy home? Consider a sound machine to block out excess noise and whisk you away to your favorite tropical paradise. Hints of tropical prints can liven up the space, too. You’ll send “wish you were here” postcards from your desk!

Combine The Two

Can’t decide between the beach and mountains? You can have a little of both with these ideas:

  • Find the middle ground between the two with natural colors and decor
  • Use timeless furniture in neutral colors
  • Stick to solids instead of prints for accents
  • Change things up with the seasons — consider beach accessories and accents in the summer and mountains in the winter

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