Creating A Beach-Inspired Look All Year Long

When vacation time comes around, there’s a reason people flock to the beach to get away from the “real world.” Beaches are an oasis—a place where you can relax, breathe fresh air and have no worries. So, why do people only have to experience these feelings during vacation time? With these tips, you can create a worry-free environment with your own beach-inspired apartment all year long.

Decorate Naturally

When staying at a beach house, one of the most common decorating elements you’ll see are those inspired from nature. A simple way to bring a similar relaxed, beachy feel to your home is to accessorize with natural materials such as tropical plants, sandalwood or even seashells. Decorating with simple accessories is one of the easiest ways to achieve a stress-free environment that allows you to “get away” in the comfort of your own home.

Brighten Up!

When you think of the beach, you envision white sand and bright blue ocean water. That’s why many design professionals will use these colors in a room to create an open, bright and airy living space. By using soft beige and light blue color schemes, either on your walls or in your accessories, you can tastefully bring the beach into your home.

Use Beach-inspired Furniture

One of the most common ways to give your home the look and feel of living at the beach is through the furnishings you choose. From a woven cocktail table to wood side tables, different textures and materials will contribute to the oceanside atmosphere that you’re working to achieve. It’s all about choosing the pieces that best fit your stylistic needs. If you have an outdoor area large enough for entertaining guests, choosing a wicker sofa can also provide an authentic beach feel.

Here Comes the Sun

A simple way to add to a beach-themed room is by taking advantage of natural light. This can be achieved by hanging translucent window coverings. The idea is not to block out the sunlight, but rather to bring attention to the window itself and provide enough light to showcase all of the features in your room. When the sun sets, adding a few candles in glass jars to your living room may be perfect for a quiet night in.

It’s not long after a vacation ends that most people mark their calendars and begin a countdown to the next time they can soak up the sun. Using these tips and creating your own oasis at home can make the wait a lot easier.