6 Reasons to Make a Cross-Country Move by Yourself

Whether you just finished college or you got offered an incredible job transfer, it’s a daring and bold step to move across the country on your own. Naturally, a move far away from all you hold dear seems intimidating, but it can also be exhilarating. Here are six reasons you should consider taking the plunge.

1. You’ll Experience Newfound Independence and Freedom

There’s no better way to spread your wings and test your independence than to set off on your own. While living near family definitely has its perks, moving across country alone allows you to step outside your comfort zone and learn to fend for yourself. When you make a move on your own, you find freedom you’ve never felt before.

2. You’ll Become More Self-Reliant

When you no longer have the comforts of home to lean on, you are forced to become more self-reliant. If you typically counted on friends to make plans, parents to make dinner, and even siblings to help in a pinch, then you will be forced to do these things on your own. Moving to a new city across the country stretches you in ways that ultimately give you more self-confidence.

3. You’ll Make New Friends

A new home means a new job, new experiences, and new friends. Moving anywhere helps you broaden your horizons and meet new people, establishing a whole new circle of friends you never would have met otherwise.

4. You’ll Experience Different People and Cultures

If you move cross-country to a new city, you’ll find yourself immersed in a totally different world with its own distinct vibe and rhythm. Cities offer plenty of diversity, and moving alone prompts you to experience a wide variety of people and cultures.

5. You Can Reinvent Yourself

If you have bad habits you want to break, a new style you want to debut, or a new outlook on life you want to explore, it can be challenging to implement those changes around the friends and family you’ve always known. When you move far from your current home, you have the chance for a brand-new start. Use this clean slate to reinvent yourself. Whether you want to dye your hair purple or become more outgoing, moving gives you that chance.

6. You’ll Gain a Newfound Appreciation for Your Family and Friends

It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you separate yourself from your family and friends with a move, then you might even find yourself growing closer to them. Sometimes it’s easier to appreciate your relationships from afar.

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