The Language of Apartment Leasing: Say This and Not That

Written by: Toni Blake

As some of you may know, before becoming a public speaker, I was an apartment leasing agent. And when I held this role in the ’80s, the market was booming much like it is today! And while I was the top agent during my time, I wasn’t immune to falling into some of the pitfalls that still happen to apartment leasing agents today.

Potential renters today are faced with information overload and, at times, a lack of understanding for their needs which can create a distrust before they walk through your leasing office’s door or hit your website. Your future resident needs someone who can help them navigate the leasing process quickly and in a personalized manner. The first contact with a potential resident is the opportunity to either become their next home or get scratched from their list altogether.

Below, I’ve outlined what I like to call “Amazing Leazing ‘F’ Words” – remember how I mentioned “pitfalls” before? These are a few of the phrases that many of us have shared throughout the years that possibly left potential residents scratching their heads and going “huh?” Some of these will make total sense to those of us in the industry to share during a tour while others are pretty common sense and create a missed opportunity for sharing more valuable information with a potential renter.

After giving this a quick scan, I encourage you to read through my suggestions on the “Value of Leasing Words” and what you could say instead. These are quick and easy idea starts to offer a way to elevate your skills in this competitive multifamily housing environment while growing your economic occupancy. The Language of Leasing

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