Maximizing Your Property’s Potential: The Benefits of Renting Furnished Apartments

The younger generations, Gen Z and Millennials, are seeking greater flexibility in both their work and personal lives. They crave the freedom to travel and explore without being bogged down by the responsibilities of homeownership. Furnished apartments for rent provide an excellent solution for this demographic, allowing them to live in a comfortable and fully-equipped space while maintaining the ability to move frequently to different cities for new job opportunities or personal growth. With the current state of the economy and job market, it is becoming increasingly common for young people to hold multiple jobs throughout their careers, further emphasizing the need for flexibility and adaptability. By choosing to rent a furnished apartment, they are able to prioritize their goals and aspirations while still enjoying the comforts of home. 

Why Renting Furnished Apartments is a Smart Move for Property Owners Looking to Attract Gen Flex Prospects 

Furnished apartments are attractive to digital nomads and mobile professionals who are on a job relocation, temporary assignment or even performing post-graduate studies. The ability to move to a new city without having to worry about purchasing furniture or other household items makes renting a furnished apartment an attractive option. 

Even downsizing baby boomers are exchanging suburban family homes for the amenities that city life offers such as entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. With the rise in popularity of Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms, furnished apartments have become an affordable and convenient option for all age groups. 

For younger working professionals, living in trendy areas that offer the lifestyles they crave is a top priority. However, they may not have the financial means to purchase a home in these desirable areas. This is where furnished apartments come in, offering a cost-effective alternative to homeownership. 

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Recently, CORT Furniture Rental conducted a poll to learn how many people moving in the next 12 months would consider renting a furnished apartment. The findings were: 

  • 77% of people aged 18-24 
  • 84% of people aged 25-34 
  • 85% of people aged 35-44 
  • 77% of people aged 45-54
  • 68% of people aged 55-64
Statistics on the number of people looking to rent furnished apartments over the next 12 months

Statistics on the number of people looking to rent furnished apartments over the next 12 months

The interest in furnished apartments is clearly there, and with the demand comes the opportunity for landlords and property managers to capitalize on this growing trend. 


Furnished apartments for rent offer a range of benefits, including convenience, affordability, and flexibility. They are perfect for short-term stays or long-term leases, making them an ideal option for those who are always on the move. Additionally, they are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities, making the move-in process hassle-free. 

Ask “Furnished or Unfurnished?” with Gen Flex 

The demand for furnished apartments is on the rise, and this trend is likely to continue as more people become mobile professionals or digital nomads. This is because furnished apartments offer many advantages over unfurnished ones. For instance, they provide convenience and ease of relocation for potential residents who may be starting out or starting over in a new city or country. In addition, furnished apartments can Explore the benefits of renting furnished apartments, especially for young people who prioritize flexibility in their work and personal lives. also be a better fit for those who do not want to invest in purchasing their own furniture or those who are not sure how long they will stay in a particular location. 

To cater to this growing demand, CORT offers a wide selection of high-quality furniture that can fit any situation, style, and budget. This means that potential residents can rent what they need when they need it and return it when they no longer need it. CORT’s furniture rental service makes it easy for people to settle into their new homes without the hassle of purchasing or moving furniture. 

The apartment rental industry should take note of this trend and capitalize on it. By providing furnished apartments, property managers and on-site teams can attract a wider range of potential residents and increase their revenue streams. It’s a win-win situation for both the property and potential resident looking for a convenient and hassle-free living experience.