Are Your Employees Part of Generation Flex?

The world has changed dramatically in the past few years, and the pandemic has brought about significant changes in how we live and work. With more people seeking flexibility and convenience, it’s no surprise that in 2023, 77% of those surveyed by CORT Furniture Rental said that they would consider moving into a furnished apartment in the next 12 months because of the flexibility that these homes offer. This number has risen from 37% in 2022 and 25% in 2021.

Statistics on the number of people looking to rent furnished apartments over the next 12 months

Statistics on the number of people looking to rent furnished apartments over the next 12 months

It’s also no surprise that these individuals, aptly named “Generation Flex” or “GenFlex” for short, are gravitating more towards this trend. But it’s not limited to housing alone. This also extends to the workplace. With the rise of hybrid work and the shift in how and where work is done, employees are looking for more flexibility in their jobs.

In this article, we will discuss how employers can adopt a similar mindset and bring this to life in the workplace with CORT Permanently Flexible™ Solutions.

Who is GenFlex?

The GenFlex lifestyle has rapidly gained popularity among individuals in search of a more flexible and autonomous lifestyle. This trend emphasizes mobility, convenience, and the ability to work from various locations. The appeal of being able to travel and work from anywhere has attracted a growing number of people, both for personal and professional reasons.

The increasing demand for a more flexible and autonomous lifestyle is a response to shifting attitudes about the workplace experience. Traditional nine-to-five jobs no longer meet the needs of many individuals, who crave more flexibility and freedom. With the development of communication and collaboration tools, employees can now work from home, the office, or a “third space” such as a coffee shop or co-working space.

In addition, the Gen Flex lifestyle is not limited to digital nomads or freelancers. Professionals seeking to broaden their experience by collaborating with different teams or working on different projects can also benefit from this lifestyle.

Ultimately, the GenFlex lifestyle has gained traction in recent years for good reason. It enables individuals to maintain a better work-life balance, pursue personal and professional goals simultaneously, and live a more enriching and flexible life. As the trend continues to grow, the GenFlex lifestyle is not just a passing fad but rather a lifestyle choice that provides numerous benefits to multiple generations.

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Appealing to GenFlex within Your Organization

The concept of flexibility in the workplace has been around for quite some time now, with employees expressing their desire for more control over their work environment. This desire has only grown stronger in recent times, particularly with the rise of hybrid work. Employees are now striving to achieve the perfect balance between their work and personal lives, and this has made flexibility in the workplace a key component of job satisfaction.

The benefits of a flexible work environment are numerous. For one, employees who have a say in how and where they work are more likely to feel valued and empowered, leading to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, a flexible work environment can help reduce stress and burnout, as employees are better able to manage their workload and personal responsibilities.

Moreover, research has shown that a flexible work environment can be a game-changer when it comes to employee productivity and job satisfaction. By offering employees more control over their work environment, employers can create a more positive and engaging workplace experience, which leads to better outcomes for both the employee and the organization.

As such, it’s become more important than ever for employers to recognize the value of flexibility and respond by creating a work environment that supports it. By doing so, employers can help foster a more diverse, dynamic, and productive workforce, which ultimately benefits not just the individual employee and organization, but the economy as a whole.

Creating a Flexible Workplace with CORT Permanently Flexible™ Solutions

In today’s modern workplace, it is becoming increasingly important for employers to recognize the significance of flexibility in the physical workspace. While it is true that employees should be present in the office for team building and collaboration, it is also important to consider the unique needs of individual employees – this is especially true for GenFlex employees.

To address these needs, CORT offers Permanently Flexible Solutions – CORT Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS) and 4SITE by CORT space utilization sensor technology —that are designed to create a more dynamic and adaptable workspace that can evolve with the changing needs of the workforce. Some of the ways to do this are:

Use Space Utilization Data to Inform Workplace Design

In order to make the most of office space, it is important to understand how it is being used. One way to do this is by using space utilization data from 4SITE by CORT sensor technology. This data can help identify areas that are being underutilized and can be repurposed or reconfigured to better meet employee needs. For example, if a conference room is rarely used, it can be repurposed as a collaborative workspace or other more high-demand areas. This can help create a more dynamic and adaptable workspace that can evolve with the changing needs of the workforce.

Leverage CORT Furniture-as-a-Service

CORT FaaS offers a flexible furniture rental solution that allows organizations to easily modify and upgrade their office furniture as needed. This solution is ideal for organizations that want to experiment with different layouts or furniture options without a long-term commitment. By offering a variety of furniture options, organizations can provide employees with a workspace that is tailored to their needs.

Measure the Impact of Workplace Changes

By measuring and analyzing space optimization data, organizations can make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their workplace environments. For example, if changes to the workspace lead to a more positive workplace experience and employee satisfaction, it may be beneficial to implement similar changes in other areas of the workplace.

Continuously Experiment and Improve

With the flexibility provided by CORT Furniture-as-a-Service and 4SITE by CORT sensors, organizations can continuously experiment and improve the workplace environment. By making data-driven decisions, organizations can attract and retain top talent, increase productivity, and create a more engaged workforce. This can help create a workplace culture that is focused on innovation and continuous improvement.

To meet the needs of this next generation of employees, employers must not only understand their mindset but also strive to create a work environment that caters to their needs. By staying as flexible as the GenFlex workforce, employers can create a more dynamic and productive workplace.

One-way employers can create a flexible work environment is by partnering with CORT. With over fifty years of experience in the workplace, CORT has seen shifts and has survived unexpected challenges. Through innovation and expertise, CORT has made it easy for clients to configure and optimize their workspaces to cater to the changing needs of their workforce.

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