Creature Comforts for the Digital Nomad

The lives of traveling entrepreneurs and digital nomads can be fast-paced and demanding, but just because you’re on the sands of Panama Beach or in a Tokyo high-rise doesn’t mean you’re on vacation; so when the work stops, you’ll want a place to relax and unwind. Your home base should be comfy and filled with the comforts and conveniences — not to mention privacy — that you don’t often find on the road. Here are some tips for giving your home a tranquil atmosphere, even if that home is temporary.

Find a Rental Near Places of Interest

This doesn’t include only destinations like grocery stores. Find an abode that’s near amenities you love, and make sure that you have access to peace and quiet when needed. For example, can you locate a spot where it’s quiet enough to work? Is there somewhere you can exercise, meditate, or engage in a relaxing hobby? Is there a nearby bodega where you can stop for something quick to eat or drink? The objective is to make living arrangements that promote serenity rather than stress.

Secure a Workable Workspace

Some people love the work-from-home schedule, which puts your workspace a room away from your bed, while others can’t concentrate at home and need to go somewhere — anywhere — in order to produce quality work. This can vary from apartment to apartment: One setting might be the perfect place for the digital grind, while another may make it feel impossible to get anything done at all.

That’s why you should keep an eye open for co-op offices as a place to hunker down away from the house. Even if you can work flawlessly with jackhammers pounding away outside your window, consider that one study found working from home increased stress and insomnia. So, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, try working away from your temporary home environment.

Join the Cord Cutters

Whether you want to catch up on “Game of Thrones” or watch the Yankees play while you’re halfway around the world, a hugely popular creature comfort is television. Depending on where you’re currently located, your cable experience can drastically change from a full-service package to those five stations that seem to run infomercials all day. Keep it consistent and create your own on-the-go viewing experience that you can stream from your computer or to your television. Apps like PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and DirecTV all offer packages tailored for sports fanatics to movie lovers, and you won’t be at your landlord’s mercy for what you can watch.

Tend Some Plants

It sounds a little silly, but plants really can make you feel better, according to a Psychology Today article. Generally speaking, plants are inexpensive, easy to transport, and simple to maintain. When you’re ready to move, they can be curbed or given to neighbors as a parting gift.

Comfy Furnishings Go a Long Way

No one becomes a digital nomad so they can buy more stuff while they’re traveling — quite the opposite. As a traveling professional, the leaner you keep your inventory, the easier it is to remain on the go. However, if you’re not a huge fan of minimalism, then a Spartan existence can make your apartment look rather cold and impersonal. Even if your apartment is furnished, it might lack a comfortable chair or an appropriate desk for your particular needs.

Instead of buying and selling furniture all over the globe, renting furniture might be the best way of getting the best of both worlds. Services like CORT Furniture Rental can help with a simple ordering process that will have your transitional apartment suited to your personal taste, if even for a short time.

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