Tips for Working from a Home Office

This week at CORT we’re thinking of ways to help you make the most of your office furniture rental.  Office furniture rental doesn’t just benefit those in the boardroom!  A home office can also transform for the better with the help of office furniture rental. And working from home, while a lot easier than enduring a long commute in early-morning workday traffic, also means a different set of productivity problems.   It can be much harder to start your day if the only commute you have to undertake is from your bed to your desk chair.  Here are a few tips to help take you from a ho-hum home office to a productive paradise.

Optimize Your Space

We asked our Twitter followers for tips on getting organized in a home office, and @PkgConcierge gave this great piece of advice: “When working from my home office, it is important to have a well-organized space that is separate from the family area.”  So even if this means converting a closet to a desk area, it is immensely helpful to have a space that is dedicated solely to working.  That way, when you sit down to work for the day, you associate that space with productivity and nothing else.  Office furniture rental may be the way to go if you don’t want to invest in a desk right away or if your workspace is temporary.  Make sure your workspace is organized, well-lit, and that all of the supplies you need to work are easily within reach.

Get Comfortable

Make sure that your office chair is stable and comfortable.  If you’ll be sitting at a desk for the majority of your time working, you’ll need a chair with good back support and good cushion.  It helps also to have a chair whose height you can raise or lower.  If you are doing a lot of typing and clicking, consider a gel wrist rest for your keyboard and your mouse.

…But Not Too Comfortable

Stand up at least once every hour that you are working and stretch a little.  Walk or jog a lap around the block (or a few around the house) just to perk up a little.  Remaining sedentary for too long isn’t healthy and can drain your focus.

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