Charming Small Breakfast Nook Ideas for Your Apartment

Make your mornings picture perfect with a cozy small space breakfast nook. It doesn’t matter how big or small your home or apartment breakfast nook is — with a few simple steps, you can turn your dining area or kitchen into a relaxing and intimate space where you can start your day off right.

Here are a few creative, space-saving ideas to make the most of your small dining area

Choose the Right Dining Table 

Modern Farmhouse Bench Seating

One way to save space on seating is to incorporate a farmhouse-style table with benches that can be tucked in when not in use. Tired of squeezing past large chairs in your small dining space? A small farmhouse table set with a bench may be the perfect solution.  Plus, in a pinch, this table and bench combo will also function perfectly as an economical, space-saving work-from-home space. 

Counter Height Dining

If your apartment is under 600 square feet, sometimes the best solution is to make use of what you already have. Many kitchens already have a high countertop or island. Why not add seating to create the ultimate breakfast pit stop before starting your busy day? Some high stools or chairs will do wonders when it comes to making that countertop a multi-purpose surface for a quick bite before you start your day.

Opt for Adjustable

If you like to entertain, look for a table with a removable leaf or wings that can be pulled out when you have company. For everyday use, adjust your table down to a smaller size to better accommodate your space.

Switch the Shape

Choose the small breakfast nook table that fits your space perfectly — after all, who says your dining table has to be rectangular? A small round or square dining table could potentially save a lot of space and create a more intimate setting for your family and friends to gather around for a meal. 

Super strapped on space and only need seating for two? Opt for a small table for two reminiscent of a French bistro, or tuck a square table into the corner for the perfect side-by-side dining situation. 

Decorate Your Breakfast Nook

Accent With an Area Rug 

Add a cozy feel and make a style statement by placing an area rug or runner in your breakfast nook area. For small, open-concept spaces, this addition will give definition to your breakfast nook, allowing it to stand out as its own space.

Go bold by selecting a patterned, round, or even organically shaped rug. Pro tip: avoid shaggy rugs or thick pile rugs that are difficult to clean if you spill or drop food. 

Top Your Table 

Whether your style is simplistic or maximalist, consider adding a touch of decor to your table. A single bud vase will do the trick — or go bold with a seasonal tablescape. Feeling practical? Fill a fruit basket with oranges, bananas, or whatever you typically crave and allow it to serve as a centerpiece. Just be mindful to leave room for your plate and cup of coffee! 

Wow With Wall Art 

Brighten your breakfast nook with wall art! Select a dreamy piece of wall art that ties in with the rest of your decor. Consider opting for prints of nature scenes, photography, or abstracts in gorgeous colors — whatever will inspire you as you start your day. 

Decorative mirrors can serve as wall art, too. Not only is a decorative mirror a great way to bring additional light into your space, but when strategically placed it can also help your breakfast nook appear bigger, too. 


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