Maximize Your Micro Apartment With These 7 Tips

Storage space is limited in a typical apartment, but it can be downright nonexistent in a micro apartment! What is a micro apartment? A micro apartment is similar to a traditional studio apartment, but smaller – typically anywhere from 100 to 500 square feet. You’ll find micro apartments for rent in big, bustling cities where space and affordable housing are limited. If you’re moving into your first micro apartment, you’ll need to be strategic with your square footage. 

Learn how to maximize your micro apartment with these seven space-saving tips!

Create dual-purpose spaces.

You will no longer have the luxury of dedicated spaces in your micro apartment. Instead, similar to a one-room apartment design, you’ll need to create flex spaces that can serve more than one purpose. The darling bistro table where you eat your scrambled eggs every morning will also be a desk when you work from home. Your sleeping area may also serve as a living area, so choose your dresser-entertainment center hybrid piece accordingly! Every square inch of your space will be precious, and creating these dual spaces is essential for micro-living. 

Only choose functional furniture.

You can’t use your 400 square feet for foosball tables, uncomfortable, decorative chairs, or anything else that doesn’t serve a functional purpose in your day-to-day life. Ideally, all of the furniture you select for your micro apartment should serve multiple purposes. Choose a bed with built-in storage. Use a storage trunk as your coffee table. Pick shelving units that can hold your massive collection of books and more. Every piece that you bring into your micro home should do more than simply look pretty.

Declutter and embrace minimalism. 

The fact of the matter is that, no matter how organized and ingenious you are with your set-up, micro apartment living requires a degree of minimalism. Figure out your belongings that are absolute non-negotiables, and then use this as an opportunity to purge the rest. You do not need to keep holding onto those boots you haven’t worn in three years, the box of DVDs you can’t watch, and the vast collection of pots and pans you inherited from your parents. Keep what you need — and maybe a few things you really want — and let go of the dead weight.

Select small pieces of furniture.

Pretty obvious, right? A small space demands smaller pieces of furniture. Downsize from your king-size bed to a full. Swap out your oversized sectional for a cozy corner sofa. When furniture shopping, skip the clunky, bulky pieces and go for the lighter, airier options to make your small space feel bigger.

Keep things organized.

In a micro apartment, you don’t have room for mess. There is no space for a “junk drawer,” or a chair that holds your not-dirty-but-not-totally-clean clothes. A pile of clothes here and some clutter shoved into a closet there, and suddenly your small space suddenly feels smaller. Keep everything organized and tidy, from your toiletries to your clothes to your dishes to your books. Your micro apartment will be most functional when everything has a place.

Make the most of vertical space.

In a space this small, you’ve got to use all your space – including up and down! Tall, narrow shelves will take up less floor space, and you can store things to the ceiling. By lofting your bed, you open up all that functional space underneath it. Floating shelves in your kitchen can function as décor and extra storage space for utensils. Your floor space is limited, so take advantage of your walls.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

There is some trial and error when it comes to micro apartment living, and there are so many different floor plans to work with. Don’t get stuck on one layout or idea; if you’re not comfortable, change things up! It may take you a bit of arranging and rearranging to figure out what works for you in your specific apartment.  

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