Micro-Unit Apartments: How to Live Big in a Seriously Small Space

You’ve heard of tiny houses, but what about tiny apartments? If you’re searching for a place that maximizes your lifestyle and minimizes the hit to your budget, read on to learn more about micro-unit apartments — and why they rock!

Micro-Unit Apartments: What Are They, Anyway?

A micro-apartment is exactly what it sounds like: a super small space that contains everything you need to live. 

So, what about studio apartments? What is an efficiency apartment? Do all these terms mean the same thing? Not necessarily. While all those spaces are usually under 500 square feet, there are slight differences between them.

Studio apartments can vary in size, but they typically have few or no walls separating rooms. Efficiency apartments tend to have some separation between the kitchen and the rest of the living quarters. Micro-apartments have everything— kitchen, dining, sleeping quarters, all of it— in one room with no separation (though, some do have a lofted bed to make the most of valuable floor space). 

Micro-Apartments for Rent: Why You Should Consider One

When you’re moving to a big city, you need to make the most of your housing budget. Choosing a micro-apartment might mean less space for entertaining or hosting, but it can also give you the chance to live close to work and amenities. A 300 sq ft apartment or studio can easily fit the essentials you need to sleep and eat, so you can spend most of your free time (and the money you’re saving!) by getting out and enjoying your city. 

Not sure if you want to go tiny and live alone? Consider a co-living arrangement. Some buildings house multiple people within one unit (like living with roommates). Others are designed like adult dorms, with private rooms for each resident and shared kitchen and bathroom areas. Co-living in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and other densely populated cities can be more affordable than living alone. Plus, co-living is a great way to meet people in a new city. 

Go Tiny, Live Big: How to Make the Most of a Micro-Apartment

Whether you need 200 sq ft studio apartment layout ideas for a new place or you’re looking to redecorate your current studio apartment on a budget, keep these tips in mind. 

  • Define your spaces. Use a bookcase to separate your living area from your bedroom and add much-needed storage. 
  • Embrace minimalism. Small spaces lend themselves to minimalistic living. Eliminate excess clutter, and organize your essentials with smart storage solutions. 
  • Choose your furniture wisely. In a small space, you need proportionate furniture. Err on the small side for items like dining room tables, dressers, and media consoles, so your apartment feels functional but not crowded.
  • Make everything multi-purpose. For example, you don’t have space for both a desk and a kitchen table, so choose a piece of furniture that can be both!
  • Go vertical. Don’t be afraid to use a wall or even ceiling space for hanging storage! Choose tall bookshelves to eliminate wasted space on top, and consider lofting your bed so you can squeeze in a couch or futon underneath.

Furnish Your Micro-Apartment the Easy Way with CORT

Whether you’re looking for micro-apartments for rent or you’ve decided a two-bedroom is more your speed, CORT makes it easy to find home furnishings that suit your style and space. Customize your furniture rental package online or visit a local showroom for help turning any space— no matter how big or small— into a home you’ll love. 


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