Trendy Small Space Living Hacks: Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

Keeping up with the latest fashion and technology trends means that you accumulate a lot of stuff along the way. Where do you keep it all? Finding a home for your belongings can be tricky in a small space. But, with the right storage solutions for small apartments, it is possible to keep everything you need — even if you’re working with a small area. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to earning the title of “storage genius.”

Before you begin to identify small space living solutions, follow this rule of thumb: When you purchase a new item, throw something else away. Ask yourself if you truly need that extra set of glasses or fancy kitchen gadget. Keeping an eye on what you already have may deter you from buying unnecessary items, thereby saving you extra space.

Think Vertically, Not Horizontally

To maximize the space that you have, it’s imperative that you consider all of it — and that includes your walls. Although they may not appear to offer a lot in terms of storage solutions, there is opportunity to be creative. Consider hanging bicycles from the ceiling or installing shelves high along the perimeter of the room. You can also free up space in the kitchen by hanging pegboards for utensils and magnetic strips for knives. Hanging storage frees up any valuable real estate on the floor, so remember the simple small space living mantra: When in doubt, hang it up.

Use Every Inch, Including Doors

Whether it’s a closet, cabinet, or interior door, be sure to use every possible flat area you can find for storage. Leave no door unused. Add magazine file boxes to cabinet doors to store tinfoil, plastic wrap, and garbage bags. In the bathroom, mount your hairdryer to the inside door of your sink cabinet. Instead of hanging an over-the-door mirror on your closet door, go for an over-the-door shoe rack.

On the other hand, sometimes you can save more space by removing doors altogether. Rather than taking up space to prevent other furniture from fitting into a room — you have to allow room for the door to open, remember — you can take the door off and swap it for a curtain closure instead. You still have that great closet space, but you free up additional room space at the same time.

Give Everything a Home

Staying organized is key to a small space living, and having storage solutions for odds and ends does just that. Keep toys in inexpensive storage boxes, and use baskets to hold all your small towels in the linen closet. No matter what type of storage bins you choose, if you keep them in a visible spot, they can become part of your room aesthetic. Don’t forget that furniture can double as hidden storage too. Ottomans often open to reveal hidden space, while coffee tables usually have a drawer for small stowaway items.

Get Creative

Who says storage has to be boring? Small space living means thinking outside the box and turning your stuff into art. Are there any quirky or interesting knickknacks at the back of your closet that you can place out in the open as décor? Hang pots and pans on a rack from the ceiling in your kitchen, and it makes for instant functional décor and enhances your already trendy apartment design scheme. Or, opt for the “anti-closet” approach, and simply keep a clothing rack in your bedroom for all to see. Not only does this help you keep a minimalist wardrobe, but you’ll stay organized since everything is visible.

When All Else Fails, Hide the Clutter

Take advantage of all the nooks and crannies your humble abode has to offer to conceal the clutter. Take inventory of any free space and how you might use it. Hidden storage shouldn’t be overlooked — except by everyone else. Consider adding a rollout pantry for storage if you have a few inches between your refrigerator and the wall. Or, cut out the wallboard between the studs to add extra space to fit narrow shelves. Cover it with an easily removable painting or frame, and voilà. Clutter, be gone.

When making decisions on how to furnish your small apartment, remember CORT Furniture Rental. You’ll find everything you need to fit your space without losing any of the comfort you crave.